Ownership Economy. Final Part. Grading, Stacking & Vesting principles

3 min readMar 31, 2022

In the 3rd & final part of our “Ownership Economy” principles, we’d like to focus on the benefits of YouMinter’s Staking & Grading systems and add the details about the Vesting principles.

Grading and Staking principles

Stakeholders and members of our community will get extra income from the shared financial upside while collective ownership grows.

YouMinter users can get tokens for gaining an extra appearance for their NFTs in the global or personal NFT feeds and gaining income for being active community members.

YouMinter users will get a unique opportunity to promote their profiles and content while getting income or selling & buying NFTs.

Thus, in addition to the direct opportunity to earn money on your work (creating and selling NFTs), YouMinter encourages artists and users to develop communities around their profiles while producing quality content.

Vesting Details

As we mentioned in the First and Second parts of our Ownership Economy, our community members will have an opportunity to use UMINT tokens inside the YouMinter application.

The entire pool will eventually be distributed among the YouMinter community. Its size was predetermined and equals 25 million UMINT tokens (50% of all possible tokens).

We’ve planned a monthly distribution and vesting. At the same time, the vesting rate will increase linearly every 30 days.

Vesting could be used as a system of coefficients to allocate a share in a common pool.

Each of these grades has its own weight. Followers are more important than staking in terms of product & project development, so for now, we take it as a fact that the grade weight for staking is 1, and the weight for followers is 3.

Nota Bene: vesting occurs only for accounts with both Staking Grade greater than or equal to 1 and Followers Grade greater than or equal to 1.

It is supposed that we should have the 10 levels as a result. Next, we determine the coefficient for each level. Probably it won’t be distributed linearly (since the difficulty of obtaining a level is clearly not linear).

‘Early Birds’ of the YouMinter app (those who will join YouMinter app earlier than everybody else) will have a unique opportunity to get an extra rewards rate in staking and grading systems.

“Early Bird” additional benefits in staking & grading

The early adopters of the YouMinter app will have a unique opportunity and benefits to get an extra rewards rate in staking and grading systems.

Although each member of the YouMinter community has exceptional opportunities for promoting their own NFTs. To say more, early ambassadors of our app have special bonuses. Our ‘Early Bird’ program benefits users with a special % in staking & grading systems while using the YouMinter app.

In other words, the earlier you start building & growing your community in the YouMinter app, the more privileges you will have in terms of the “Ownership Economy” program.

The faster your community grows inside the YouMinter app, the more benefits you get. And the more people are using the app, the more subscribers you get! Cool, right? 😎

It stimulates artists and creative people to start minting their creations into NFT and promoting them as well inside of the YouMinter network👍

Extra rewards and bonuses in staking & grading systems will allow users to obtain additional UMINT tokens and generate an extra income.

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