Ownership Economy. Part 1. Early Adopters

4 min readMar 14, 2022

Our team thanks you for your support and faith in YouMinter through this tense period!

Due to the imminent launch of our official TGE and YouMinter app, we want to keep you up to date with our latest updates and reveal more details on getting income within the app.

We’ve planned the special “Ownership Economy”, which benefits the ambassadors of the YouMinter community. Our team has prepared special features to get an extra income while using the YouMinter and growing your own communities & profiles inside the app.

While collective ownership grows, members of our community and other stakeholders will benefit from the shared financial upside.

YouMinter users will get a unique opportunity to promote their profiles and content while gaining an extra appearance of their NFTs in the global or personal NFT feeds.

We’ve also created special benefits for the early adopters of our project, as well as an extra % for rewards from the staking & grading systems in the future! 🚀

In this part, we’d like to focus on the details about the “Early Bird” part of the “Ownership Economy” principles.

But before that, we want to briefly mention the staking & grading systems that emanate an extra income to the members of YouMinter community 🕊

Few words about staking & grading systems

The pool size is predetermined and equals 25 million UMINT tokens (50% of all possible tokens). The entire pool will eventually be distributed among community members, who will use the tokens inside the YouMinter application.

Distribution/vesting will be monthly. At the same time, the vesting rate will increase linearly every 30 days.

The YouMinter users will have the special opportunity to popularize their community to increase the number of followers and person or company’s awareness while getting higher on their ‘grade’ and staking reward levels! 💹💪

Each grade/level would increase with your activity on the platform and amount of followers (however, the number of followers is the key index). What are the ‘grade’ stages or key points for the extra rewards? We’ll reveal more information in our following articles!

What is “Early Bird”?

To start with, the earlier you come and begin to develop your community in the YouMinter app, the more profit and “share” in the pool you will get.

The early adopters of the YouMinter app will have a unique opportunity to get an extra rewards rate in staking and grading systems. In other words, the earlier you join the YouMinter app and build & grow your community in it, the more privileges you will have in terms of the “Ownership Economy” program.

We think that this win-win feature is full of benefits for both: the community and YouMinter app. The faster your community grows inside the YouMinter app, the more benefits you get. While the more people are using the app, the more subscribers you get! Cool, right? 😎

Our ‘Early Bird’ program benefits the early adopters for creating an activity inside of their communities or profiles. It stimulates artists and creative people to start minting their creations into NFT and promoting them as well inside of the YouMinter network👍

We want to cheer the early adopters of our app with the extra rewards and bonuses to staking & grading systems. That allows an additional obtaining of UMINT tokens and generation of income. Although each member of the YouMinter community has exceptional opportunities for promoting their own NFTs, early ambassadors of our app have special bonuses. Our ‘Early Bird’ program benefits users with a special % in staking & grading systems while using YouMinter app.

In the 2nd part, we will tell you more details about our “Grading” system and dispel hidden tips on how to increase your level 😉

Thus stay tuned to our Medium Blog, Telegram channels, and social media updates on our Twitter and newly created Instagram profile 🙌❤️✨

P.S. We may update YouMinter’s Ownership Economy rules and formulas from time to time. We will notify you of any changes by posting the new rules or formulas on this page or via push notification in the YouMinter app.




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