Official YouMinter App Release at Testnet

5 min readJun 22, 2022

As you already know, the YouMinter app has been creating a buzz in the Web3 space for a while now. Today, we are breathing life into this buzz, giving you access to the Testnet of the App. The version on the Testnet gives users access to all app updates and the recently tweaked functionalities to enhance user experience.

But someone would ask, why are we hyping the Testnet launch instead of waiting for the Mainnet experience? Well, this is just the first version of the YouMinter app, and we would love to ensure that it embodies our vision — a community-centric platform built by users, for the users — in all aspects. Thus, going live on Testnet will help our team garner feedback from all levels of users and make adjustments or iterations as much as needed before we go live on the Mainnet network.

Moreover, going live on Testnet helps us ensure everything works properly as envisioned. That way, it will be all systems go, to onboard millions of users to the next vibrant Web3 social media platform.

What Can You Do with the Newly Released App on Testnet?

The newly released app on Testnet features a fully-fledged platform where users can sign up, customize a profile, and build a community of followers on the go. Users will also be able to share NFTs within the platform.

Some users might be worried about speed and user experience, given that the app will be live on a Testnet, not the Mainnet as many anticipated. Well, that’s not the case. The Testnet network still runs on the innovative NEAR Protocol, a next-gen distributed ledger technology that can seamlessly support high-volume activities. Even better, the app features top-tier security features to ensure that we build a secure Web3 community.

How to Get Started?

Please follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Download YouMinter in the App Store for iOS or Google Play Market for Android.
  2. Create an account using your phone number.
  3. Get your new crypto wallet.

Please always backup your secret recovery phrase offline and keep it safe! A secret recovery phrase (or a seed phrase) is a 12-word sequence that is a key to your wallet and all the assets it stores.

Important note: if the secret phrase gets lost or stolen, there is nothing the YouMinter team or anyone else can do to help you access your wallet or get back your stolen assets.

4. Start creating NFTs and building your community!

What about the closed beta testers?

If you’ve already used YouMinter app as a closed beta tester, please follow the steps below:

  1. Download the application using the links: App Store for iOS or Google Play Market for Android.
  2. Sign in with the same phone number you’ve used while closed beta testing.
  3. Enter your wallet pass-phrases (the one from closed beta) to log into your wallet. Once this is done, you’ll be logged into your YouMinter account from the closed beta progress and story transferred!

Access All YouMinter Features

The YouMinter app on Testnet features a host of intuitive functionalities, such as:

Account Profile

Users can create an account, sign up and customize their profile with NFTs. It doesn’t have to be an NFT, and anything you feel represents your artistic intuition vividly can suffice as a profile identity.

Build a Community

Start connecting with friends and other NFT enthusiasts by following each other, just like you do on traditional Web 2.0 social media platforms. Reach out to your friends and share the news with them. Even better, inviting people to join the platform makes you eligible to earn from the referral program.

Engage with the Community

You can create engagement around popular NFTs by liking, sharing, or commenting on the posts. The more you do this, the more you increase your app activity, giving you a chance to become a top creator and participate in the upcoming in-app exhibitions.

Why Did We Change the Concept and Adopted a New Functionality?

Bringing the YouMinter app to life has been a journey marred with challenges, such as complying with Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store regulations for mobile applications. Nonetheless, we did everything by the book, and we are now here with the first version going live on Testnet, only that it features minimalistic functionality. For instance, although it’s not our intention, users will miss royalties, wallet connection features, and welling NFTs functionality.

However, no worries here! As we said repeatedly, we have a plan B that allows us to bring you significant updates and even improve the YouMinter app functionality. Please stay tuned to be informed about upcoming features, and they are huge!

What’s Next for the YouMinter App?

We are planning to be the first platform to onboard millions of users into the Web3 world. For this reason, we plan to incentivize our early adopters to invite their friends through the app. Users can generate a personalized referral link and share it with their friends. You will earn UMINT tokens if the referral joins the app and starts engaging the community. Learn more about our Referral Program here.

At the same time, we are bringing a new incentive pipeline besides the Ownership Economy, which will distribute 25 million UMINT tokens to the community. The new incentive pipeline features a post-to-earn (P2E) concept that rewards users for creating and sharing content on the YouMinter platform.

So, yes, we will deliver Referral Program and Ownership Economy really soon.

YouMinter stands to disrupt the Web3 space with the first user-centric social media platform that the user builds for the users. Stay tuned to our Medium Blog, Telegram channels, and news on our Twitter and Instagram profile 🙌❤️




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