How to Open CameraBox on iOS and Android

6 min readJan 31, 2023

The average cost of creating an NFT is about $0.05 to over $150, and the value can add up quickly to millions, depending on the type of collection or underlying ecosystem community. For the average user, this cost is too high. Furthermore, even if someone manages to create one NFT, repeating the same experience would mean digging deeper into the pockets, something that can be a barrier to mainstream adoption.

At YouMinter, we are turning the tables allowing end users to benefit from the NFT concept more, as it is the goal of Web3. YouMinter Web3 social platform comes with in-app tools that empower to create and mint NFT posts. Our latest NFT Camera line — the Genesis CameraBox — features Common and Uncommon NFT Cameras with upgraded functionalities. In this blog, you’ll learn how to open your NFT CameraBox on Android or iOS, as well as the features and benefits of this special edition Camera.

So let’s get started

You’ve already downloaded the app from App Store and Google Play and are ready to dive into the NFT world of YouMinter.

The registration process is easy and will take you no more than 2 minutes. Registration starts with an email. You add your email address, to which you will receive a confirmation code to continue registration and move on. And then you need to come up with a creative and unique nickname, which is also the address of your wallet in the Near network.

After registration, you will be asked to create a password and confirm it. This is the password to your wallet. The next step is the Seed Phrase. This is an important step, so you must confirm that you understand all the responsibilities. Because YouMinter does not store Seed Phrases on its side, and if you leave it out, we will not be able to recover it. So keep it in a safe place and don’t lose it!

It is worth noting! If you are logging in with an existing wallet, you will also need your email as well as your passphrase for this wallet.

How to Open CameraBox on Android

You have already confirmed the Seed Phrase and moved on. And then you will receive your non-NFT Camera, which allows you to make general non-NFT posts and freely explore the inner world of YouMinter. But we’ll talk about the non-NFT features a little later.

In the My Profile section, you will find a menu in the upper right corner. Next, you need to jump to the “My Wallet” section. The first thing you see is the Toolbox, where your non-NFT Camera is already stored. Move further to the Wallet tab, enter your password and find the CameraBox in the CameraBoxes tab.

To open CameraBox, just click on it, select the appropriate action, and confirm the transaction (remember, it’s a blockchain).

Bingo! The CameraBox is opened and the NFT Camera is received. The screenshot shows the Common NFT Camera, but we are very interested in what kind of Camera you got — Common or Uncommon, so feel free to tweet your NFT Camera and tag @youminter on Twitter. We would be grateful if you could share your impressions of your find.

Next, to start using the NFT Camera within the YouMinter application, you need to transfer it to the Toolbox. Click the Send Camera button and select Toolbox (and confirm the transaction again).

Checking. Next, in the Toolbox, you will find your NFT Camera and will be able to create NFT content. Just select the NFT Camera when creating a post and create your first NFT post.

And that’s all the magic of NFT. We wish you a fast leveling up of your NFT Camera, amazing community growth, and only positive user experience.

How to Open CameraBox on iOS

In iOS, the process of opening CameraBox is slightly different, but not dramatically so.

You also need to visit the “My Wallet” section and enter your password. Next, you will be on the Toolbox tab. To the right is the Wallet tab; right here in the CameraBoxes section, your CameraBox is stored.

When you click on a CameraBox, you’ll be prompted to view it on the web version of YouMinter. This redirection is due to the limitations of the App Store, which we wrote about earlier. But it’s completely safe and convenient. Therefore, clicking “View on” will take you to the YouMinter website.

Next, you connect your Near wallet by clicking Connect. Near Wallet will offer options for logging in to the wallet. In the screenshots, we chose the Passphrase recovery option. Next, enter the Passphrase and confirm the connection.

Then we see the CameraBoxes stored on the wallet and click Open. Confirm the transaction (because it’s a blockchain, remember) and see the NFT Camera inside the Box. Success!

The next step is to click Send to Toolbox so that the NFT Camera appears in your app. And that’s it, that was the last step. The next ones depend only on your creativity and passion for NFT.

Use the NFT Camera to create NFT posts and discover the NFT world with YouMinter.

Genesis NFT Camera Features and Benefits

The Genesis Sale marked one of our biggest events of 2023 Q1, as it held the key to unlocking the full NFT experience on YouMinter. We released 500 Genesis CameraBoxes to multiple users; some were acquired via an auction, while others won the treasure boxes in our free giveaway.

Genesis CameraBoxes contain limited edition NFT Cameras dubbed Uncommon and Common NFT Cameras. These cameras have various attributes and benefits, including:

  • Gaining early access to YouMinter: holders of this Camera will have a rare chance to be the first ones to get hands-on with YouMinter;
  • Unlocking all NFT features: Genesis Camera holders can leverage their tools to create NFT content. Also, they can send and receive NFTs from friends or anyone;
  • Holding a tool of higher rarity level: Genesis Cameras were only available in the just-ended Genesis Sale and cannot be minted anywhere else. This rarity holds a higher value, both monetarily and intrinsically;
  • Benefits in Earning System, which means more profitable conditions in Reward System for holders of Genesis NFT Cameras.

But there is more about Genesis NFT Cameras than what is highlighted here. The beauty of these Cameras is that they come with other hidden benefits that can only be explored by the underlying user within the app. Moreover, being a limited edition collection, their value will only appreciate, whether in primary or secondary marketplaces.

Are You Ready to Join YouMinter?

An ideal NFT platform should offer relatively affordable costs in gas fees without sacrificing speed or security. Our Web3 social app offers this and much more. Moreover, YouMinter’s onboarding process is seamless and intuitive, allowing you to unlock an end-to-end NFT experience in three simple steps — download, install, and create. This lowers the learning curve for Web3, opening the NFT world to all levels of users. Visit Google Play or App Store to download the application and get hands-on with the public Beta.

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