How to Buy UMINT Tokens and Win More By Being an Early YouMinter Adopter

3 min readMay 6, 2022

UMINT is the native token that supports all transactions and interactions in the NEAR protocol. The world-reimagined network is the underlying protocol for the YouMinter platform as well, offering a secure, eco-friendly, and scalable technology that will drive millions of users towards the Web3 future.

With UMINT tokens, users can Create, Trade, Collect, Earn, and Meet & Discuss NFTs inside the YouMinter App. Besides rewarding creators and influencers, the token will also enable users to participate in the grading & staking system.

The maximum supply for UMINT tokens is 50,000,000 only, making it a token worth grabbing now because its value will definitely appreciate with time.

How to Get UMINT Tokens

Users can:

  • Swap wNEAR, USDT for UMINT on Jumbo, Uniswap, Trisolaris
  • Receive UMINT through the Early Bird adopters program 💸
  • Win UMINT through free giveaways and contests 🎉

Swapping wNEAR for UMINT on Jumbo 🦄

UMINT tokens are listed and available for swapping at Jumbo Exchange.

Follow these steps to swap another token for UMINT on Jumbo Exchange:

1.Go to the Jumbo Exchange

2. Select the pair depending on your crypto holdings (UMINT/wNEAR)

3. Connect your NEAR wallet

4. Choose the amount of UMINT tokens

5. Confirm the transaction, and you’re good to go.

Other exchanges where you can swap UMINT tokens on the go include:

The mechanic of swapping in these exchanges is the same as described above.

Receiving UMINT through the Early Bird adopters program 💸

YouMinter users can earn UMINT tokens by just being part of the community and the larger Ownership Economy that has a predetermined pool of 25,000,000 tokens — 50% of the maximum UMINT supply. All tokens in this pool will be distributed to the YouMinter community.

At the same time, early adopters of the YouMinter app (those who have participated in our TGE & those who will join the YouMinter app during the first 3 months) will have a unique opportunity to get extra rewards in the staking and grading systems.

Staking & Grading system

UMINT tokens can be stacked inside the YouMinter platform and generate an extra income thanks to the Ownership Economy.

Depending on the number of account followers, activity, and staking size, each user will be graded in tier levels, giving them access to their own pool of tokens.

Follow our social media channels Twitter, Instagram profile, Medium Blog, and Telegram channels, and stay tuned for upcoming contests and free giveaways. There may be a limited amount of UMINT tokens in the long haul, but rest assured that there will be plenty of opportunities to grab some for free by participating in our community events!




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