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YouMinter is an intuitive social network NFT app for Android and iOS smartphone users. The app comes with various functions, such as NFT feeds, likes, and even followers. Look at it as a concept of your go-to social media platforms, such as Instagram, only that users have an ownership stake on the platform depending on how they promote their accounts and the number of their followers. Also, YouMinter is fully dedicated to the NFT industry and is an excellent match for creators, bloggers, fans, influencers, and collectors.

The app is the first one of its kind, leveraging the NEAR protocol, which guarantees maximum convenience and comfort for everyday users. Besides negligible transaction costs, the NEAR protocol also comes with a native wallet, which is readily compatible with the YouMinter App. Other benefits of the app include an easy-to-use platform and an intuitive interface that only requires an Android or iOS internet-connecting device to get started.

UMINT Token Use Cases inside the App

UMINT is the native token for YouMinter and owning it gives users exclusive opportunities to maximize the app’s full features and potential.

Besides accessing all YouMinter features, holding UMINT tokens also comes with various use cases within the app, including:


YouMinter shares the core ideas of a typical DAO, which guarantees openness, transparency, and consensus governance. As a UMINT token hodler, you’ll get the chance to be part of the governing global on-chain community that influences the vector of YouMinter development.

Staking/ Farming

Users can stake or farm their UMINT tokens inside the YouMinter app by locking them for a certain duration, say 30 days, to generate passive income. You can lock any amount of tokens from 10 to 100K+.

Grading/ Tiers System

Holding a certain number of UMINT tokens, as well as garnering a certain number of followers will help you unlock a certain tier or grade level for more rewards. For instance, all users will receive a certain percentage of their staked tokens, based on the grade, and the number of users in that level. Typically, each grade level increases with user activity on the app.

Promotional Boosters

By holding UMINT tokens, users have access to all the features of the YouMinter app, which they can leverage to build their own communities and promote their social profiles. Moreover, the project’s Tokenomics principles are customized to boost user art collections and popularity.

Early Birds

Adopting the YouMinter app as early as now and acquiring UMINT tokens comes with extra rewards in staking and grading systems. For instance, you can build and grow a cohesive community before everyone else to unlock more privileges in the Ownership Economy program.

Where I can find UMINT tokens?

Here is a list of DEX and CEX where you can find UMINT token:

We will be continuously updating a list of DEX and CEX platforms where you will be able to find UMINT token, so make sure you follow us on Twitter, Telegram, Medium, and Instagram to stay updated.


The maximum total supply of UMINT tokens in YouMinter is 50 million, where the community will retain 50%. The YouMinter team retains 1,983,332 (4%), while 500,000 (1%) goes to the advisors. The number of UMINT tokens allocated to marketing and influencer initiatives is 4,500,000 (9%), and 3,900,000 (8%) to staking & farming.

6,938,332 UMINT tokens will cater to the ongoing growth and development of the YouMinter platform. In the community ownership economy, the predetermined pool size, which is 50% of all the possible UMINT tokens in supply, will be distributed among YouMinter community members. This will happen monthly. Also, the vesting rate will increase linearly every 30 days.

Join YouMinter today and explore limitless boundaries with your NFT passion. Hodl your UMINT tokens to unlock higher privileges as the platform grows.

To keep up to date with our future updates, please, stay tuned to our Medium Blog, Telegram channels, and news on our Twitter and Instagram profile 🙌❤️




A social network in easy-to-use iOS and Android app that opens up the world of NFT to everyone and which is owned by its users. #passioneconomy #NFT

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A social network in easy-to-use iOS and Android app that opens up the world of NFT to everyone and which is owned by its users. #passioneconomy #NFT

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