YouMinter’s Recap of the Year: What Will We Remember 2022 for?

4 min readDec 29, 2022


It has been a roller coaster year for the blockchain industry. From the fall of prominent exchanges to a spree of hacks, we have probably seen the worst. Fortunately, for the NFT space, the market is relatively active, with the third quarter of the year seeing $3.4 billion in sales.

In between the optimism and uncertainty, YouMinter has made significant progress and is on a path to becoming the most vibrant Web3 social app. In this post, we’ll reflect on what 2022 has been to the YouMinter fraternity and why it has taken so long to launch officially on Mainnet. Keep reading to stay updated.

Our 2022 Main Events

2022 was a critical year for the YouMinter community, packed with a hive of activities, some public, others behind the scenes. For starters. We have been able to achieve various accomplishments over the last four quarters. Here is a round-up of what happened.


The TGE was a great success, and everyone who had a chance to participate in the IDO claimed their UMINT tokens. In addition, the program brought together early-access members, as well as enthusiasts who showed support for YouMinter at the IDO, AMAs, and Whitelist stages.

Users who didn’t manage to earn UMINT tokens in the TGE program can acquire the same from various exchanges, including Jumbo, Uniswap, and Trisolaris. Need help finding your favorite DEX or CEX in the list? Don’t worry! We will continuously update the list as we make more upgrades in the future.

Awareness About YouMinter’s Goals and the Ownership Economy Program

We made it a priority to sensitize the YouMinter community to the platform’s goals, core values, and long-term vision of the Ownership Economy program. Our goal remains to seamlessly onboard the next millions of users into the NFT world by breaking the barriers between Web 2.0 and Web3. For instance, users can join the platform from the comfort of their smartphones.

It is also our long-term vision to see the first Web3 social app that is co-owned by the underlying users through the Ownership Economy program. The program features 50% of the maximum possible supply of UMINT tokens, which will be redistributed to the users.

The YouMinter App on Testnet

The YouMinter app went live on Testnet this year, an opportunity that has allowed us to gather resourceful feedback from users. This information is critical in rethinking future upgrades and features that embody the vision of the end user in terms of in-app experience. Moreover, the Testnet launch ensures that the app functions properly as intended for the main app utility.

In-app features that are available to users at the Testnet phase include sign-up, wallet creation, NFT posts creation, and feed viewing. After getting started, you can follow other users or build a community in anticipation of the future full-blown NFT experience once we launch on the Mainnet.

Updated YouMinter Design

Ongoing upgrades have been a thing throughout the year in a bid to create an optimal user experience. With a keen focus on flexibility, users can now create and connect their NEAR wallet as they sign up on the YouMinter app for the first time. We have also beefed up security with an added layer of “Verify Seed Phrase” to shield the platform against unwarranted cyberattacks.

The biggest upgrade is arguably the improved UI/UX experience within the app’s interface. With this approach, we are making the app comfortable to use by all levels of artists or avid collectors. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to get started.

Adventures with the App Store and Upcoming Mainnet Launch

The YouMinter community has been waiting for the app to launch on Mainnet for a while now. It’s unfortunate to mention that this didn’t happen as planned, thanks to the NFT app developer challenges on Apple’s App Store. Up to date, Apple doesn’t include clear rules and regulations for launching a blockchain-centric app on their platform.

For this reason, the upcoming iOS app version of the YouMinter will have limited features in the app itself. However, all the required functionality will be available on our official website. So, users can make all the key operations and see the changes in the app.

Nonetheless, we are working tirelessly behind the scenes to create a uniform experience for both Android and iOS users.

Our Future Plans

We are very optimistic about YouMinter’s launch on the Mainnet and the following Genesis Sale. The Genesis Sale is the key to unlocking the ultimate NFT experience on YouMinter. During the sale, users can acquire NFT CameraBoxes that contain both Common and Uncommon NFT Cameras. These in-app tools can be used to create NFT posts or convert your existing non-NFT posts into NFTs.

At the same time, we shall be launching various community initiatives to spread the good news about YouMinter in the coming days. For instance, we shall pick a brand ambassador to represent the platform in the global arena.

Start Your 2023 with NFTs

2022 was just the beginning of something special for the entire NFT industry, not just the YouMinter community. 2023 is finally here, and we can’t wait to see what the Mainnet experience will look like with real NFTs in play. Follow our Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram handles to stay updated as events unfold this year.




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