YouMinter Social App: Positioning, Core Values and Long-Term NFT Vision

4 min readOct 12, 2022


As the crypto industry is snowballing into the mainstream arena, non-fungible tokens, popularly known as NFTs are attracting the attention of many, from independent artists, and collectors, to states and institutions. Umpteen projects have emerged in this hype, making the average user wonder about the value of digital assets.

Well, users perceive various things as valuables. But at YouMinter, we breathe new air into NFTs, making the average user feel the sense of their valuable digital experience. Thanks to the principles that underlie this concept — ownership, and decentralization. It is our hope, belief, vision, and goal that YouMinter will be among the biggest, most vibrant, and most inclusive NFT communities come 2030 when 1 billion people will likely join Web3.

What Makes YouMinter App Unique?

Perhaps the biggest challenge that has been holding back Web3 is accessibility. The current Web3 landscape and exclusive NFT projects in particular make it inconceivable for the average user to transition from Web 2.0 into the decentralized internet. For instance, joining one of the most famous NFT clubs requires a user to acquire a digital asset that can go as high as $192, at the original mint price, or even higher when the collection gains higher intrinsic value.

YouMinter removes all these unnecessary entry barriers in three simple steps — install, create, and mint your NFTs on the go! Yes, as simple as such. We merge the familiar experience of Web 2.0 with innovative Web3 tools and blockchain technology to create the best-in-class NFT experience for any internet user. Even better, the platform comes with handy NFT creation tools that allow you to create and share quality content to attract the community’s attention and gain a following.

Why You Should Join Our Growing Web3 Community

Whether you have an existing social community or you are new to NFTs, the YouMinter app allows you to unlock the full potential and benefits of Web3. Our interface offers an easier, more intuitive, and more engaging way than any decentralized community. As an easy-to-use mobile app, YouMinter opens up the NFT world to bloggers, artists, and original content creators who can share and sell their creative work to a global audience. This means actual ownership and control of their NFTs, as well as the platform itself.

Here are some reasons why you should join this fast-growing NFT community:

All You Need is a Modern Mobile Device

Regardless of your geographical location, you can easily get started with an intuitive NFT experience from the comfort of your mobile device, whether iOS, Android, or even tablet. The sign-up process is also straightforward, allowing you to unlock two types of NFTs instantly, including NFT cameras and their add-ons, as well as user NFT content — pictures or even GIFs shared within the platform.

The NFT Creation Experience Has Never Been Simpler

You only need a unique NFT camera to start creating on the YouMinter platform, which can be minted within the app, or purchased at a secondary marketplace. The NFT cameras have different attributes, such as lenses, filters, properties, and qualities, allowing users to create content with varying degrees of rarity — the key driver behind NFT value and popularity.

Better Interaction and Monetization Ways with Your Community

The typical 4–1–1 social media rule has it that four out of every six posts you create should be educational, one a “soft-sell” and the other a “hard-sell” to gain an organic community following. Whether you subscribe to this rule or not, YouMinter redefines the experience of community interaction, as well as content monetization. The app has all the tools that you need, including Unique NFT cameras that allow you to create any type of content and share it on the go.

You don’t need any third-party app to edit your content, as the NFT camera comes with filters and different levels of lens quality. Similarly, you don’t need paid partnerships to grow your profile — the YouMinter NFT community is vibrant, supportive, and passionate about NFTs. Give them unique content and they’ll show some love!

Lower Transaction Costs

YouMinter is built on NEAR protocol, a blockchain solution that leverages a dual-fee model to significantly lower transaction costs. Technically, the platform bans any fee that is paid to block producers in a typical blockchain transaction to facilitate throughput at deterministic and negligible costs.

Staking and DAO Ownership

All users can earn UMINT tokens by simply joining, participating, and being part of the YouMinter community. Even better, users get rewarded with UMINT tokens every time they post. These tokens can be staked in the app for greater rewards and participation in the Ownership Economy Program.

Mint, Own, Share and Monetize Your Passion

Two things define the future of NFTs — value, and the power of the community behind the project. YouMinter banks on these two aspects to simplify the experience of Web3 content creation and drive a long-term NFT value. Join us today as a creator and unlock the potential of a powerful and vibrant community behind your Web3 content.




A social network in easy-to-use iOS and Android app that opens up the world of NFT to everyone and which is owned by its users. #passioneconomy #NFT