YouMinter Public Beta Release Coming This Month!

5 min readJan 6, 2023

Following a successful deployment on Testnet, we are thrilled to announce that YouMinter app will soon be launching on Mainnet on January 31st. We are taking an all-inclusive approach that will bring everyone to the NFT world in the wake of the Web3 race.

What sets YouMinter apart is that the platform brings a unique, seamless NFT experience that goes beyond the Internet hype. From in-app creation tools to co-ownership incentives, we are out on a journey to become the most vibrant and widespread Web3 social app.

Our Vision: An Amplified Reach to Onboard Millions into the NFT World

A majority of everyday internet users are hardly convinced about the potential of NFTs. Why? A recent analysis shows that over 80% of NFTs listed on a popular secondary marketplace are spam, highly plagiarized, or fake collections. For this reason, the traditional NFT experience, which largely hinges on money aspect has been anything but fun and engaging to the average user. YouMinter is bringing an alternative solution that adds value to the underlying users, through a powerful community.

In our NFT world, the community means everything.

The YouMinter app brings an authentic NFT experience, right from onboarding, to content creation, and monetization of the same. Even better, there is literally no learning curve in joining the NFT experience via YouMinter. We bring the traditional Web 2.0 social media experience, but now with a decentralized power structure and true content ownership. It is our vision that YouMinter shall be #1 app for both: crypto & non-crypto individuals who’d like to dive into the NFT & crypto space and monetize their creativity.

How Will YouMinter Look on Mainnet?

Improvement of user experience has always been our goal from the very beginning. What started as a simple vision of building a Web3 community has now culminated in an all-around app that allows users to enjoy all NFT experiences on one interface. With the app now launching on the Mainnet, you will be able to:

Create NFTs On the Fly

The app allows users to create NFT content in a few clicks — no special knowledge or high-level blockchain background is required. Just you, the phone, plus an in-app NFT Camera, and you are good to go! Even better, various types of user content can be NFTs, from pictures to videos.

Moreover, thanks to in-built Game-Fi systems, YouMinter makes your journey even more interesting and engaging.

Monetize Your Content

YouMinter is built on NEAR Protocol, a blockchain solution. Hence, the platform is decentralized by nature and shares the same ideals of Web3, true data ownership. YouMinter users own all their NFT content created on the platform and can choose how they want to monetize the same.

Build a Community of Followers

YouMinter comes with all the features of a typical traditional social media platform, such as follow, like, and comment. These features allow users to interact with each other’s content or profiles in a way they are already accustomed to and create communities in the process. The more followers you garner, the more influential your profile will be in the bigger YouMinter community.

Differences of YouMinter on Android and iOS Platforms

Due to App Store’s restrictions regarding the NFT functionality in the iOS app, we’ve modified our iOS application in order to pass the review and provide our community with a top-notch product. There will be some differences between iOS app and Android as App Store guidelines don’t allow some mechanisms with NFT inside the app. However, we found a convenient option for iOS users to make their user experience sleek and captivating.

Meanwhile, Android users will have full access to all the features right in the app. Thus, they can mint & share their NFTs in a handy way without leaving YouMinter mobile application.

There will be a separate article that reveals the differences of YouMinter app on both platforms, so join our Telegram to stay tuned 😀

We Have a Series of Upgrades Lined Up for the Next Year

We recently updated our project roadmap, highlighting a list of activities that will take center stage in the next year. We start the first quarter of 2023 by incorporating the ranking system and Ownership Economy within the app to grade users in tiers that are coefficient to their incentives. We shall also create better monetization opportunities for users by integrating an NFT marketplace and appointing a global ambassador to spread our message.

Genesis CameraBoxes and Genesis Cameras

There will be a Genesis CameraBox sale before the official release of the YouMinter app on Mainnet. There are only 10,000 Genesis CameraBoxes will be available, making this a rare perk you don’t want to miss. Genesis CameraBoxes will feature both Common and Uncommon NFT Cameras.

At this moment Uncommon NFT Cameras are only available on Genesis CameraBoxes!

Here is how you can acquire an Uncommon NFT Camera:

  • Purchase a Genesis CameraBox and store it on the NEAR wallet;
  • Connect to the YouMinter app on Mainnet via NEAR wallet;
  • Open the Genesis CameraBox inside the app;
  • Check if you landed an Uncommon NFT Camera.

There are lots of benefits that will be available for holders of Genesis Cameras. In our next articles, we’ll reveal more details on these Cameras and what are the pros of owning them. So, stay tuned!

The YouMinter NFT Journey Begins, Come Aboard

Starting today, our journey to create a seamless NFT experience in a vibrant Web3 social app, while tagging everyone along, is unstoppable. We have maneuvered all the pitfalls to finally make it possible for anyone to join Web3 via their iOS or Android smartphones. It has never been simpler than this.

To keep up to date with our future updates, please, stay updated to our Medium Blog, Telegram, Discord, Twitter channels, and Instagram profile 🙌❤️




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