YouMinter Project Roadmap: Public Beta on Near Mainnet and Upgrades that Will Drive an All-Inclusive NFT Community

4 min readOct 19, 2022

Are you still dithering about joining the NFT world? We are thrilled to announce that YouMinter social app offers a seamless bridge between Web 2.0 and Web3 with an intuitive interface, user-friendly creating tools, as well as an all-inclusive reward system.

With co-ownership and decentralization as the core drivers of our vision, you can now join the NFT world from the comfort of your mobile device and create unique content to build a vibrant Web3 community around your profile. Join the YouMinter community today and:

  • Mint a unique NFT Camera;
  • Discover new creators and NFTs;
  • Build a strong community;
  • Co-own the platform.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg on our vision of becoming the most vibrant Web3 community that is open and accessible to all levels of users. Over the next year, YouMinter will be deploying several features, upgrades, and launching initiatives that will help our ecosystem grow into a bigger, community-centric platform own DAO. Here is an exclusive preview.

Q4 2022

The much-awaited Public Beta will be going live on NEAR Mainnet this year, ushering in a new dawn for NFT creators all over the globe. At the same time, we shall release the Genesis NFT Cameras for resale and new sales, enabling users to create content on the YouMinter app and share it with the community.

An important upgrade that will happen during this period is the integration of the staking feature. Users will be able to generate UMINT tokens inside the app and generate extra, passive income in the Ownership Economy Program. Rewards can be generated periodically, say every 30 days, based on the amount of tokens staked.

Q4 will wind up with marketing and Discord community build-up kicking off simultaneously. We shall release various campaigns and resources to help create awareness about Web3 and encourage NFT enthusiasts to join our growing community.

Q1 2023

We shall kick off 2023 by activating the ranking and reward systems. Each user will get a chance to join a specific tier/level/grade, which is determined by the number of followers on their profile, in-app activity, as well as the number of tokens staked. Belonging to a particular grade means you’ll receive a similar % of tokens in rewards with the users on that level.

YouMinter community shall also be launching another line of Community NFT collections, which are minted by creators, alongside their followers. This will be followed by NFT marketplace integration, which will allow users to sell their unique art, posts, GIFs, or any NFT created on the platform and get paid in any token on the marketplace. At the end of the quarter, we shall roll out the Global Ambassador program to carry our NFT message to mainstream arenas.

Q2 2023

Quarter 2 will be packed with creator-centric activities to encourage more people to join YouMinter and explore the NFT world. We shall start by implementing NFT Camera & Lenses, as well as the marketplace. This will include adding more camera attributes, such as new & multiple camera minting, and level upgrades to help users create higher quality content and earn more rewards. There will also be a Contests and Features program to empower creators and increase the awareness of their work across the community.

On top of that, the referral program will also be kicking off on Mainnet, allowing users to invite friends to the platform and earn UMINT tokens when they finally join and sign up. The referral program includes a customized link that can be shared on any messaging or social media platform. Our last calendar activity during this quarter will be upgrading the in-app wallet and allowing third-party wallets integration, such as вмето trade and DEX to enhance seamless NFT storage and transfers.

Q3 2023

For the better part of Q3, we shall be focusing on extending the NFT experience on the YouMinter app to the Metaverse. This will include the integration of an Augmented Reality (AR) feature that will help users explore the virtual world and create rarer NFT content. We shall also implement DAO principles to govern our growing community, which will now be extending beyond the app.

This will be followed by multi-chain interoperability, which will allow YouMinter users to export the community’s NFTs, use cases, and experiences to other project ecosystems running on popular blockchain alternatives. Finally, we shall wind up the quarter by launching the YouMinter Metaverse to take the AR experience to another level.

Unlock the Potential of a Powerful Web3 Community on YouMinter

YouMinter allows you to join the Web3 word through NFTs in a simple, intuitive, and engaging way, culminating in a strong community of followers behind your profile and creative work. Join us today and explore the new decentralized world.




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