YouMinter participates in Stakedrop from Catapult!

1 min readFeb 14, 2022


YouMinter & Catapult are pleased to introduce to you a new opportunity — Stakedrop! The new format of public rounds token distribution of our rocket friends.

More about Catapult and rules:

Catapult is a projects accelerator and investment platform for people launching promising projects to the moon since 2021.

Each user who deposits ATD into the Stakedrop pool will receive an allocation in project tokens in proportion to their ATD stake. The allocations will be distributed every block.

Stacking Details

Staking period: 14.02.2022 (15:00 UTC) — 28.02.2022 (15:00 UTC)

Reward pool: 100,000 USDT (66,666.67 UMINT)

$UMINT price: $1.5

Thus, the total reward of all participants is 66,666.67 UMINT.

Rewards will be available for claiming after the end of the staking period.

Visit Catapult website and complete the KYC procedure to participate in Stakedrop of YouMinter. Choose YouMinter’s Stakedrop to earn the UMINT tokens!

More details about upcoming events will be announced soon. Keep up with the updates!




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