YouMinter Monthly Review — February

3 min readMar 3, 2023


Hello YouMinter Community! It’s been a month filled with plenty of activities within our ecosystem and beyond. The NFT segment seems to be quavering out of its torpor since the beginning of 2023, as total sales peaked at $780 million in January. In the meantime, our journey to onboard the next millions of users onto Web3 continues after successfully launching a superb NFT user experience on the Mainnet.

With a seamless sign-up process and a handy application, YouMinter is revolutionizing how users create, share, and control their content on social media. We are also on a mission to rewrite the power structure of social and content platforms through user co-ownership in the Ownership Economy Program.

As noted, we have been entwined around productive engagement with like-minded industry stakeholders and everyday YouMinter users. Here is a recap of what happened in the month of February and what’s coming next.

February Premier Events and Activities

In order to achieve stupendous success and reputation in the industry as a go-to Web3 social app, we kicked off the month with a greater focus on user sensitization, brand self-initiatives, and partnerships.

Joint Twitter Space with Boca Chica, Paras, and NEAR Insider

The first public event of the month was an open Ask Me Anything (AMA) session to spur effortless NFT cognition across the board. The Twitter space brought together YouMinter, Boca Chica, Paras, and the NEAR insider, among enthusiastic users who are keen to explore the full potential of NFTs.

The Genesis Sale and App launch were also important discussion topics, as CameraBoxes were sold on the Paras marketplace and Boca Chica auction. Therefore, it was important for the audiences of all participants to hear that the app had been released and they could open their CameraBoxes and get the basic tools for growth within YouMinter — NFT Cameras.

We will continue to host more Twitter Spaces as the year unfolds to discuss app updates, and market news, and answer questions from the audience.

Joint Giveaway with Boca Chica, Paras, and NEAR Insider

We hosted a 72-hour giveaway campaign in partnership with Boca Chica, Paras, and Near Insider, all members of the bigger NEAR community ecosystem. The prizes involved in the giveaway included 15 CameraBoxes, 500 $PARAS, and $25 in CHICA. Giveaways are integral in YouMinter as the events help us even the playground for beginners who can unlock invaluable NFT tools by simply participating in the campaigns and fulfilling the set conditions.


As we continue to build an all-in Web3 future, YouMinter is keen to partner with like-minded industry players for resourceful connections, opportunities, and channels for spreading the knowledge of our application. So, we partnered with Reputation is King and participated in the quest for Treasure Hunt event. Followers were tasked to explore the YouMinter website and discover the platform’s offerings in terms of user content control. As a Web3 social app with no borders, we are open to participating in partnership events with similar-minded platforms.

In addition to that, we partnered with Popula, a decentralized reputation platform for Web3 communities built on the NEAR protocol. This marketing alliance is important to YouMinter as it will help us grow “popular”, both as a platform and a community as we seize the countless opportunities that will emanate from mutual growth.

We Continue to Build

Our team has made it a business to continue building as the general crypto and NFT market recovers from last year’s turmoil. Some of the technical upgrades that we are working on, and you’ll soon see them on your screen, include the Earning System for receiving rewards and leveling up NFT Cameras.

Ready to Begin Your NFT Journey?

Unquestionably, NFTs are here to stay and will influence nearly all interactive or social aspects of our lives. For users who are banking on the creator economy, NFTs give you the opportunity to offer rare and exclusive content. But it doesn’t stop there. At YouMinter, you get to create unique content as you build your brand or profile around an organic community of followers. Could it be better? Of course, yes — and that’s why more technical upgrades are underway. In the meantime, visit Google Play or App Store to download and get started with the YouMinter app today.




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