YouMinter launches Second Round of IDO on Boca Chica

2 min readDec 10, 2021

Hi, community!

We do not stop with our announcements, so get ready! Today we are revealing the launch of the Second Round of IDO on Boca Chica!

About Boca Chica

Boca Chica is an IDO platform that uses the resources of Near blockchain in order to deliver unique, frictionless, and safe opportunities to fundraise.

This platform possesses stand-out qualities being a tokenless structure — a distinctive feature Boca Chica is proud to declare.

It has a reputation of being a fair, reliable, and easy-to-use startup platform that eliminates the need for fatiguing manipulation of tokens for users.

More information about HAPI Round

It will be a subscription round, so let us briefly remind you what it means.

Every person can participate in the sale regardless of the pool exceeding the cap. This means that while the round is open, you can deposit, take part in the sale, and receive an allocation. However, the distribution and allocation of tokens will be proportional to oversubscribed, deposited tokens being returned after the sale.

The start of the Second Roud on Boca Chica — 10 December 13:00 UTC

The end — 10 December 17:00 UTC

Target Amount — 250 HAPI with 6667 UMINT tokens.

Minimum allocation is 1 HAPI

Maximum allocation is 25 HAPI per 1 wallet.

Conversion rate — 0,03 HAPI for 1 UMINT.

TGE is scheduled to happen on the 20th of December at 15:00 UTC.

We encourage you to participate and become part of something great!

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