YouMinter is whitelisted on Ref Finance

2 min readDec 16, 2021

Hi, community!

Every day we look for new areas to grow in order to give our community the maximum range of opportunities. Our final aim has always been the creation of the most convenient ecosystem for our users to make the NFT world open and accessible for them.

The YouMinter team keeps moving forward to the goal established, and we are proudly announcing a new step — YouMinter’s whitelisting on Ref Finance. This is a new chance for the community to participate in the public sale of our tokes. Each user can take part.

About Ref Finance

In general, is the first major DeFi app on the NEAR blockchain.

It’s founded on the perfectly-working DAO system with its main principles in order to deliver the top experience to the community.

One of many Ref Finance goals is to innovate and redefine current DeFi experiences because they believe that users should have more opportunities to interact on the DeFi platforms besides simple farming and trading.

And we can claim that they are moving in the correct direction, as the list of their partners speaks for them. We want to do collaborations with the best minds in the industry and create the finest product possible.

An impressive distance is covered, but much more is ahead. Stay with us and be among those creating a digital future!

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