YouMinter and Other Web3 Social Networks — Key Difference

4 min readAug 17, 2023

Heralded as the read-write-own iteration of the internet, Web3 is poised to disrupt the digital landscape with its strong ethos of decentralization. As Web3 continues to take shape, new social platforms like YouMinter are emerging, bringing more interactive and immersive experiences in peer-to-peer interactions. But how are these new platforms different from the traditional Web 2.0 applications?

To begin with, YouMinter is an interactive Web3 social app that redefines engagement and NFT experiences for the average digital connoisseur. By allowing users to explore the limitless NFT experiences from the comfort of their smartphones, YouMinter is opening the Web3 world to the next millions of early adopters. In addition, our team will soon enrich the platform with a GameFi system to expand opportunities and experiences for all users.

Now let’s compare YouMinter and other social network sites to see how they stack up against each other. 👇

How Web 2.0 Social Networks Work

Undoubtedly, Web 2.0 was a game changer for many people. Social networks built under this iteration, such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and more, have made it easy for people to connect with friends, family, or colleagues around the world. No matter where you are, provided you are connected to the internet, geographically dispersed users can text each other, exchange voice calls, or even speak on a real-time video call.

However, all these benefits come at a huge cost. By structure, Web 2.0 social network platforms are centralized and controlled by a few giant corporations that define the rules of engagement and choose how user content or data is monetized. So even if you’re not paying for something in Web 2.0, high chances are that you’re the commodity being traded without consent. This is not to mention the limited monetization opportunities availed to regular users.

Other challenges that have plagued Web 2.0 social networks include high depltatforming risks where all user content is lost and data breaches. In fact, over 3 billion user accounts were hacked and compromised in one of the biggest data breaches of the 21st century.

Nonetheless, Web3 is here to sort out the mess and finally give the average users what they have been yearning for — 100% control of their data. But Web3 under YouMinter offers more than just data ownership benefits.

YouMinter’s Interface, Values, and Beliefs

An All-Around App

YouMinter brings everything you need to experience the Web3 world in one place. Whether you simply want to interact with other Web3 enthusiasts or participate in NFT experiences, YouMinter has something to complement that need. For instance, creators and art aficionados can use in-app tools like NFT cameras to create exclusive content. On the other hand, regular users have a user-friendly UI that allows them to explore the boundless YouMinter world with zero entry barriers.

Low Blockchain Gas Fee

YouMinter is built on NEAR protocol, a blockchain solution that offers up to 10x lower gas fees than traditional layer-1 (L1) solutions. A relatively affordable gas fee means users can create more NFT content and participate in more on-chain activities. It is a factor driving inclusivity because nearly everyone can afford negligible or almost free transaction costs.

Web3 Coins

All activities on YouMinter will soon be rewarded accordingly with the platform’s native Web3 coins, known as UMINT tokens. Unlike in traditional social networks, users can redeem these coins for NFTs or other cryptocurrencies. On top of that, acquiring these coins, whether through in-app activity or a DEX, gives users a higher standing in the community, where they can access other benefits and privileges, such as staking or voting rights, in the upcoming DAO governance structure.

Everyone Owns the Platform

At YouMinter, it is all about you, the user, and the underlying community. The platform isn’t owned and controlled by a multinational corporation. Instead, we invite all levels of users to co-own YouMinter under the Ownership Economy program. It is through this sense of ownership and belonging that. Web3 will be able to achieve mind-boggling possibilities that currently seem nigh impossible to attain.

Become a YouMinter Early Adopter

Nearly all Web 2.0 social networks, from Meta (Facebook) to Twitter, are looking into ways of incorporating Web3 features into their platforms. In other words, Web3 is the future of social interactions, and NFTs are the vessel to take us into that future. Visit Google Play or App Store to download YouMinter and experience the NFT bliss.




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