YouMinter and NFT Marketplaces — What’s the Key Difference?

4 min readMay 15, 2023


The creator economy is undergoing a twirl, and YouMinter is at the forefront of driving the change! The Web3 concept is revolutionary, and its impact stretches beyond decentralized finance (DeFi) and gaming use cases. With a strong ethos on user data ownership, Web3-centric platforms are empowering creators to connect with their audiences in a more impactful, transparent, immersive, and profitable way if they want to monetize their content.

The YouMinter app gives you the key to unlock a full NFT experience from the convenience of your Android or iOS smartphone. As a user-centric Web3 social network that knows no creation limits, YouMinter opens a world of endless opportunities for enthusiastic users, artists, celebrities, and collectors to build vibrant communities of followers within the ecosystem. Even better, all the NFT tools you need to get started are waiting for you in the app!

While YouMinter gives you a full NFT experience that extends to monetization, the platform differs from traditional marketplaces. Here is more:👇

How the Traditional Marketplace Works

The traditional NFT marketplace serves as a platform that solely facilitates the trading (buying and selling) of digital collectibles. Typically, users can create accounts on secondary marketplaces and get access to a range of functionalities like browsing listings, minting, buying & selling, and adding a payment method, among others.

Although traditional NFT marketplaces are built on blockchain technologies, a majority of them are plagued with prevalent challenges that scare new users away, including:

High Transaction Fees

At first, many users fail to recognize that NFT trading at traditional marketplaces comes at expensive and hidden gas fees. This is because most marketplaces are built on the Ethereum chain and leverage ERC-721 or ERC-20 token standards to issue smart contracts. This arrangement relies on the proof-of-work mechanism to authorize transactions, translating to high gas fees.

Poor User Experience

Most prominent NFT marketplaces were built when the industry was still very new. Users have to discover them by exploring endless launchpads or crypto platforms, not to mention the lengthy sign-up steps. For instance, some platforms may require you to enter government ID information before creating an active account. This is a proactive step towards data protection and platform integrity. However, what’s the need if the average user struggles to create an account?

Limited Creativity and Expression for Users

The primary function of NFT marketplaces is to enable creators to sell their art and collectibles to other users. However, this often comes at the cost of agreeing to opaque censorship and moderation features. While this might be important in curbing fraudulent activities, the approach limits the freedom of creativity and expression. Moreover, it ruins the experience for users who simply want an all-around, transparent NFT platform.

The Difference in YouMinter

To begin with, YouMinter is unique because everything within the platform is based on blockchain. Therefore, all the digital assets created and presented within the platform are truly owned by the underlying users, who can choose to monetize them however they want.

Here are other features that differentiate us from traditional NFT marketplaces:

User-Friendly Creation Tools

At YouMinter, everything you need to get started with your NFT creation journey is unlocked right at the onboarding stage. Users can launch creation tools from the Tool Box, which is accessible from the app, and create NFT posts on the go. There are no entry tokens or limitations on what you can create with your NFT cameras.

You Have a Community

In a traditional marketplace, it is you against other sellers and collectors. In other words, your art is just a standalone item in the marketplace. Well, we are better than that at YouMinter. Users create NFTs and use them to build followers. Your art doesn’t have to be an item on sale. Instead, you can use it as a tool to spread a message to your followers. The more audience the art garners, the higher its intrinsic value.

The YouMinter Experience is Beyond NFTs

Some users simply want to belong to an NFT platform and follow the activities of other users, just like they do in traditional NFT platforms. Well, at YouMinter, you don’t have to be selling, buying, or creating NFTs to be part of the community. There is an option to create non-NFT posts, which you can later convert into NFTs whenever you like. In other words, you can join us and follow other creators even if you’re not an artist — our community is big and accommodating.

Own the Platform to Stay Relevant

Our biggest feature that connects the platform deeply with users is the Ownership Economy program, where everyone is invited to co-own the program. This is a feature that you’ll seldom find in traditional marketplaces.

Download the YouMinter Application on Your Mobile Phone

YouMinter is redefining how users access and experience NFTs. It’s our goal to onboard as many users as possible and offer an unmatched, superior user experience. Visit Google Play or App Store to download the app today and join the growing community.




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