YouMinter and MetaWeb Venture Capital are becoming official partners

2 min readDec 9, 2021


Hi, dear community!

Today we are proudly announcing a new exciting collaboration with MetaWeb Venture Capital. It’s an event we’ve been all waiting for and now can’t keep it secret. Step by step we are enlarging the scope of our partners which opens a whole world of new opportunities and fascinating improvements. And MetaWeb Venture Capital is a fantastic milestone on our way!

We try to create a user-friendly social network for all people who are interested or somehow involved in art in order to introduce a wonderful world of NFTs to them. With MetaWeb Venture Capital we are one step closer to our goal.

More about MetaWeb Venture Capital

MetaWeb Venture Capital is a Global Crypto firm that focuses on the NEAR ecosystem.

They have an impressive network of relations with both crypto enterprises and different academic institutions which can definitely be calculated as their advantage compared to other competitors.

Their aim is to help early-stage startups grow and become leaders in their sphere. And MetaWeb Venture Capital has already succeeded in achieving its target.

Deep knowledge in different fields such as economics, cybersecurity, tech design, and lots more makes its specialists incomparable and highly valued.

An impressive list of MetaWeb Venture Capital’s partners proves their high level of competence and a deep understanding of the market’s laws and processes.


YouMinter — is fresh air in the NFT-industry. We are making a revolution in opening the NFT world to non-crypto audiences and making it as simple as possible in use. We are pioneers in creating a social network for artists and NFT-art fans. With YouMinter users now have an opportunity to create NFT in a built-in editor, publish it and establish a price, and also form thematic collections within the app. NFT art has never been so accessible before!

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