Why NEAR Protocol is the Best Solution for Our Social-network App

The blockchain industry grows steadily but not as fast as internet users anticipate. One of the reasons that are probably holding the industry back is developer challenges when it comes to scalability. Take the Ethereum blockchain network as an example. Besides the rapid evolution of the ecosystem, scalability is the only challenge that can make or break Ethereum, as far as mainstream adoption is concerned.

All nodes on the Ethereum network must process and verify every transaction through consensus protocols. This process entails including both trusted and untrusted nodes in the consensus at the expense of throughput and scalability. The end result is slower transactions and network backlogs which can hardly facilitate critical financial and business operations, however steady the network currently seems. This even makes it harder to convince users that blockchain technology will drive the next market disruption.

Enter YouMinter

YouMinter is a social network application for NFT enthusiasts. Users can access NFT feeds and browse through new collections, as well as gain followers and likes based on their account activity. We are building a cohesive NFT community that will create vibrant engagement to drive projects towards the mainstream and institutional adoption.

Every user of the YouMinter platform can:

  • Create Exclusive NFT Content

YouMinter users can create exclusive NFT content and share them in their account timelines. Other users can show love for your artwork by liking the NFTs or following your account. This can help users build an exclusive community to rally behind their upcoming projects.

  • Own Part of the Platform

YouMinter’s Ownership Economy features a 25-million pool size (50% of UMINT token maximum supply) which will eventually be redistributed to users, giving them an ownership entitlement of the platform.

Why We Choose NEAR Protocol

Although other innovative blockchain solutions, such as Ethereum 2.0 offer faster transaction fees and relatively affordable gas fees, we chose NEAR Protocol for good reasons. The protocol comes with next-gen features that will help us onboard millions of users and NFT projects to the Web3 wave.

Here are the reasons why we choose NEAR Protocol:

  1. A Developer-Friendly Protocol

NEAR is an innovative protocol that is developer-centric and aims to break the barriers stalling Web3 mainstream adoption. Besides a dynamic and progressive UX, the NEAR protocol has various tools for enabling swift development and deployment of smart contracts, as well as decentralized applications. For instance, the NEAR SDKs tool creates a standardized structure for writing and testing smart contract codes built on Rust and Assembly Javascript.

Other developer-centric tools on the NEAR protocol include:

  • Gitpod for NEAR

Developers can now write, build, deploy, and test smart contracts directly from a web browser, thanks to the customized Gitpod Integrated Development Environment (IDE) by NEAR protocol.

  • Command-Line Tools

With native command-line tools, developers on the NEAR protocol can build, deploy, as well as test applications within their local environments, with no need to export, or bridge, whatsoever.

  • NEAR Examples

Developers can access and customize web application templates on the NEAR Examples tool on the go.

2. User-Friendly Interface

The Web3 future is looming around the horizon, and users want a seamless ecosystem that can onboard them to this nascent technology without discriminating against the marginalized. NEAR protocol comes with a host of intuitive features for straightforward end-user engagement. For instance, the protocol offers:

  • Single-click integration that enables users to connect their NEAR wallet to NEAR protocol daps with one click only;
  • A human-readable account for every user, as opposed to a public key hash in traditional blockchains;
  • Mobile-friendly protocol, as well as direct staking options from the native NEAR web app;
  • Multiple third-party wallet support, including the Trust Wallet, Math Wallet, Liquality, and Guarda, among others.

3. Certified Carbon-Neutral Technology for Long-Term Sustainability

NEAR protocol is an eco-friendly blockchain alternative to traditional proof-of-work networks, such as Ethereum. In the proof-of-work (PoW) consensus, transactions require enormous computational energy which reflects in a higher carbon footprint. Bitcoin alone generates up to 0.3 tons of carbon dioxide exhaust per year.

On the other hand, NEAR Protocol leverages a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus that doesn’t incentivize validators to use enormous computation power to process and approve transactions. For this reason, NEAR Protocol is certified as a carbon-neutral technology, just like Ethereum 2.0, which also leverages a PoS consensus mechanism.

NEAR Protocol Offers a Future-Driven Solution for Blockchain Enthusiasts

From scalability, and mobile-friendliness, to intuitive developer features, NEAR Protocol brings an innovative solution that will drive both users and developers to the Web3 world. Look at NEAR protocol as a business-ready blockchain network that comes with top-tier security features for financial applications as well. The long-awaited technology is finally here. Let’s build on the NEAR protocol together and make Web3 a reality by onboarding millions of everyday users.

At the same time, YouMinter is positioning itself as a user-friendly social app that is accessible to all levels of users. Follow our social media channels to stay updated on upcoming content and free giveaways of UMINT tokens.

To keep up to date with our future updates, please, stay tuned to our Medium Blog, Telegram channels, and news on our Twitter and Instagram profile 🙌❤️



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