3 min readMar 23, 2022


Congratulations! The lucky owners of the UMINT tokens have the unique opportunities to enjoy fully YouMinter’s new features 💎👍

In this article, we want to highlight all the benefits of holding UMINT tokens. As YouMinter evolves as a product and project, we want to make sure our community is aware of all pros they can get when HODL UMINT tokens.

Benefits for UMINT tokens owners inside the YouMinter app:

  • You are the ambassador of the YouMinter — one of the coolest NFT projects of modernity for artists and crypto lovers! YouMinter provides its users with all convenient features and a simple interface inside the mobile application! Ever wondered how to create & promote NFTs? YouMinter helps artists (even those who’s far from crypto) to build their own communities & profiles in the #1 NFT Social Media in the World! Our tokenomics principles are specially planned & created to BOOST your art and popularity: Create, Trade, Collect, Earn, Meet & Disqus inside the YouMinter Application! What has made Apple Inc. famous? The unique and quality product! As well as the YouMinter 👍
  • Stacking system. UMINT tokens can be stacked inside the YouMinter application and generate an extra income thanks to Ownership Economy. The logic is quite simple: the number of UMINT tokens must be locked in staking over a period of time (30 days in our case). Possible amount of tokens for key points: 10 tokens, 100 tokens, 500 tokens, 1k, 5k, 10k, 25k, 50k, 75k, 100k+ tokens.
  • Grading system. Depending on the number of followers, activity, and staking of tokens, each user gets into a tier/grade/level which gives access to their own pool of tokens.

Factors affecting ’Grade‘ level:

1️⃣ — the number of followers;

2️⃣ — number of UMINT tokens in stake.

Everyone will receive % of tokens depending on their grade in an equal share with other users in a particular grade. Each user’s number of tokens is recalculated once a day, based on the current value of the user’s “grade” for that day. The possible ‘Grades’ by followers: 100 followers, 1k, 5k, 10k, 50k, 100k, 250k, 500k, 750k, 1+ million of followers.

  • Early Bird. As we mentioned in the First Part of our Ownership Economy, the pool size was predetermined and equals 25 million UMINT tokens (50% of all possible tokens). The entire pool will eventually be distributed among the YouMinter community. We’ve planned a monthly distribution and vesting. At the same time, the vesting rate will increase linearly every 30 days. ‘Early Birds’ of the YouMinter app (those who had participated in our TGE & those who will join YouMinter app during the first 3 months) will have a unique opportunity to get an extra rewards rate in staking and grading systems.

Our team is working hard to provide our community and the whole world with the top-notch NFT app. We are sure that YouMinter app is the future of NFT that allows every user (no matter if you were aware about NFT before or not) from any part of the world to dive into the NFT space.

We are just getting started, so make sure to stay with us to go to the Moon 🚀

Really soon, our team will announce an IOS & Android apps release. So, stay tuned to our Medium Blog, Telegram channels, and news on our Twitter and Instagram to get the freshest news 🙌❤️




A social network in easy-to-use iOS and Android app that opens up the world of NFT to everyone and which is owned by its users. #passioneconomy #NFT