• You are the ambassador of the YouMinter — one of the coolest NFT projects of modernity for artists and crypto lovers! YouMinter provides its users with all convenient features and a simple interface inside the mobile application! Ever wondered how to create & promote NFTs? YouMinter helps artists (even those who’s far from crypto) to build their own communities & profiles in the #1 NFT Social Media in the World! Our tokenomics principles are specially planned & created to BOOST your art and popularity: Create, Trade, Collect, Earn, Meet & Disqus inside the YouMinter Application! What has made Apple Inc. famous? The unique and quality product! As well as the YouMinter 👍
  • Stacking system. UMINT tokens can be stacked inside the YouMinter application and generate an extra income thanks to Ownership Economy. The logic is quite simple: the number of UMINT tokens must be locked in staking over a period of time (30 days in our case). Possible amount of tokens for key points: 10 tokens, 100 tokens, 500 tokens, 1k, 5k, 10k, 25k, 50k, 75k, 100k+ tokens.
  • Grading system. Depending on the number of followers, activity, and staking of tokens, each user gets into a tier/grade/level which gives access to their own pool of tokens.
  • Early Bird. As we mentioned in the First Part of our Ownership Economy, the pool size was predetermined and equals 25 million UMINT tokens (50% of all possible tokens). The entire pool will eventually be distributed among the YouMinter community. We’ve planned a monthly distribution and vesting. At the same time, the vesting rate will increase linearly every 30 days. ‘Early Birds’ of the YouMinter app (those who had participated in our TGE & those who will join YouMinter app during the first 3 months) will have a unique opportunity to get an extra rewards rate in staking and grading systems.



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A social network in easy-to-use iOS and Android app that opens up the world of NFT to everyone and which is owned by its users. #passioneconomy #NFT