What is NFT in YouMinter?

3 min readAug 19, 2022

YouMinter is venturing into the NFT world as an intuitive Web3 social app available on Android and iOS. The platform features in-built and social Social-Fi aspects geared towards fostering a futuristic platform, powered by user-generated Web3 content.

What are NFTs?

NFTs, otherwise known as non-fungible tokens are digital items that represent rare collectibles, such as art, music, pictures, avatars, or even videos.

However, not many users can access NFTs in an intuitive and fun way. Sometimes, and in most cases, getting started with utility-based collectibles come at a steep price, especially if you have to purchase an NFT to gain access to an exclusive member’s club or project ecosystem. YouMinter is looking to change this with a pioneering platform that makes NFTs accessible to all, regardless of technical or financial background.

Curious to learn more about YouMinter NFTs and how we make it easy for everyone to participate? Keep reading to stay updated.

NFTs in YouMinter

In YouMinter, there will be two types of NFTs, which include:

  • NFT CameraBoxes & NFT Cameras;
  • User NFT content (text, image, or video shared on the platform).

But how do they work? To begin with, every user who starts with the YouMinter social app gets a unique in-app device known as NFT Camera.

NFT Cameras

By getting NFT Camera, users can get access to start creating their Web3 community & monetize their creativity. Along with that, every NFT Camera holder participates in the Ownership Economy reward program. A higher-level NFT Camera can get more rewards besides a higher coefficient.

NFT Posts

The other type of NFT on YouMinter is user content. Having an NFT Camera every user in YouMinter can create their content NFTs by means of a few clicks. You can sell, share, or give away your creative NFTs to engage your community and empower your Web3 appearance.

YouMinter’s Potential in the World of NFTs

NFTs took the better part of 2021, positioning themselves to infiltrate the mainstream arena. Fast-forward to 2022, we see the industry holding up pretty tight despite the ongoing market volatility in the crypto sector. NFT-related apps are innovating at a faster pace, attracting investors, artists, and musicians who are beginning to embrace this emerging niche.

Being a Web3 social app, YouMinter is now focusing on incentivizing users to onboard them into the industry. YouMinter users can monetize their NFT content using the in-app unique NFT camera and sell the same in the marketplace.

Our team is working hard on the concept and is happy to say that great news is coming really soon. So, stay tuned to be the first who knows the latest news 😉

Follow us on Twitter and Telegram. In the meantime, YouMinter app is available on App Store or Google Play Market and works in the Testnet. So, go and check it out!




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