What can I do on YouMinter?

3 min readMay 8, 2023


Probably one of the greatest equalizers on the internet is NFT technology, given that anyone can invest in associated digital collectibles. YouMinter is the pioneering platform that makes the NFT experience available to all levels of users from the comfort of their Android or iOS smartphones. The Web3 social app offers a seamless interface that is familiar to Web 2.0 users and complementary features that match the needs of experienced NFT creators.

But what exactly can users do on the YouMinter platform? Here is everything you need to know.

Post Content or Create New NFT

After creating an account or signing up, YouMinter users can start sharing content with others on the go. The app prompts a user to allow access to their phone’s storage, where they can upload unique content directly from their gallery. NFT content in this case can be GIFs, images, or avatars. Supported image formats include JPEG, JPG, and PNG.

Explore Content from Other Users

A user can explore content from the creators they follow through the NFT feed section. The NFT feed can be accessed by clicking the home icon. Alternatively, you can always receive notifications every time your favorite creator posts, especially if you already follow them.

Search Specific NFTs

The search bar allows you to search specific NFT content or users. This feature is complimentary, especially if you can’t find the NFT or creator amongst the suggestions on your FEED. All the accounts that you follow will appear at the top, where you can also choose to unfollow them. Alternatively, users can save their favorite NFTs within the app and browse them whenever they need instead of searching them afresh.

Like, Comment, and Share

The interactive features within the app include like. Comment, and share icons. These icons appear beneath every post and can be leveraged to show love and support for the underlying content or user.

Follow Other Users

All YouMinter users can follow each other to build their Web3 communities and increase the chances of attaining high rewards coefficient.

YouMinter is here to make the NFT experience easier for both new and seasoned users. Follow our Twitter handle to stay updated on upcoming news and upgrades.

Monetize your personality & content

Thanks to in-app activity, you will level up your blog and receive rewards for it, and later the opportunity to become a co-owner of the project thanks to our Ownership Economy.

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