Uncovering the YouMinter App

Hey, community!

New Year holidays are a time of miracles and gifts, and the YouMinter team has decided that it’s a wonderful day to reveal the details regarding our app we’ve been working on so hard.

The release of our application is about to come, and we are busy with, and we are busy improving its performance and testing. There are so many cool features we want you to try. So, to drum up some interest, we are shedding light on the interface of the application.

In this video, we are showing our community some features of the YouMinter app.

First, you can see something that looks like a traditional social app with feed, posts, likes, and comments.

But there is one interesting detail — the price written under each picture. While scrolling the feed, you can easily find the cost of each item. There is no need to search for this information somewhere in the post text. Everything is right in front of you.

We designed this app to make it as easy as possible to create NFTs. You can also follow your own creations and the works of your favorite crypto-artists, as well as generate exclusive content for your fans and friends.

All the work is done in blockchain, and already now YouMinter shows itself as stable and reliable. By the way, this app works on both iOS and Android. And yes, the two apps are now at an equal stage of readiness.

After choosing the item you’d like to buy and clicking on it, you will find a banner with all the details needed to proceed to the purchase, such as the price of an item, your balance, service fee, as well as the item’s data.

You can find all your NFTs in one place on your personal profile page. In addition, there is a number of your posts, followers, and followings.

The users can add those NFTs they are interested in into Bookmarks and buy them later.

And of course, each user has an opportunity to publish their own NFT. The procedure is similar to making a post: select a picture, crop it, add name, description, and set a price. Now you’re ready to make a profit out of it! Every transaction is recorded in your NEAR wallet, so the procedure is absolutely secure.

Hope you enjoy the video, as we’re absolutely overwhelmed with the result!

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Stay tuned, keep up with the news and updates! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

P.S. We know how important it is for you to hear the TGE date now, and we are doing everything we can to speed up the process. Don’t worry, the announcement is just around the corner. So stay tuned, this rocket is going to take off fast!

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