The YouMinter Genesis Sale Is Finally Going On — Here Is What You Need to Know

4 min readJan 19, 2023

YouMinter is a Web3 social app that unites creators, fans, influencers, and collectors through intuitive NFT experiences. Our platform breaks the barriers holding back the NFT concept from achieving mainstream utility through a seamless onboarding process and Android or iOS-supported devices. Building a vibrant Web3 community of YouMinter co-owners is part of our strategy to foster the premises of the decentralized internet future — true user ownership, whether content or social channels.

In the spirit of onboarding millions of people into the NFT world, YouMinter has an upcoming Genesis Sale event that will precede the official Mainnet launch. Here is a guide on how to participate in the big event.

Genesis Sale Details

The Genesis Sale is set to kick off on January 19th, 2023. The event is important to the whole YouMinter community as it is the magic key for unlocking the platform’s full NFT features. It’s also part of our bigger initiative of creating a uniform NFT experience for all levels of users. Everyone from any part of the world is welcome to participate in the Genesis Sale, either through competitive bidding or YouMinter’s giveaway program.

The Genesis Sale’s offerings include special CameraBoxes that contain either Common or Uncommon NFT Cameras. No one knows what their treasure CameraBox holds, which makes the event fun and intriguing. At the same time, NFT Cameras in Genesis Sale CameraBoxes hold a high intrinsic value that will only increase in secondary marketplaces, thanks to their rarity.

Nonetheless, the idea isn’t monetary-driven. Our goal is to give YouMinter platform early adopters a unique, handy NFT tool that will stimulate their experience from the word go once we launch on Mainnet. While Common or Uncommon NFT Cameras may serve different functions, rest assured that your experience will be nothing but awesome with a unique line of NFT Camera tools that can only be acquired in the Genesis Sale.

How and Where the Genesis Sale Will Be Taking Place

The Genesis Sale will culminate in two main events, a giveaway and bidding/sale in our partner NFT marketplaces under the broader NEAR ecosystem. Alternatively, you can make a bid offer on NFT CameraBoxes or purchase them directly at Boca Chica, Paras, and Mintbase.

How to Buy NFTs on Boca Chica

Boca Chica is an NFT marketplace that allows users and projects to auction their work directly to end collectors. This function is exclusive to users in the NEAR ecosystem only.

Here is how to bid for NFT collections on Boca Chica:

  • Pick a preferred ongoing auction
  • Connect your NEAR wallet to fund the bid
  • Place a competitive bid
  • Await notification if another user outbids you
  • Claim your NFT if the notification doesn’t pop up

How to Buy NFTs on Paras

Paras allows users to acquire NFT collections listed in the platform’s gallery in two main ways. You can either buy the placed price or make an offer to the seller. You might bargain or even acquire some NFTs for free if you’re lucky! On Paras, CameraBoxes are sold at a fixed price. And when buying the fixed price, you simply need to connect your NEAR wallet and authenticate the transaction.

However, if you want to make a price offer for an NFT that has already been sold, you can do the following:

  • Connect your NEAR wallet to log in
  • Select your preferred NFT from the gallery
  • Click the “Buy with NEAR” button and approve the transaction
  • Get your NFT

How to Buy NFTs on Mintbase

Users on Mintbase can acquire NFTs either through auctions or a simple sale based on a fixed price. On Minbase, CameraBoxes are also sold at a fixed price. Therefore, it only takes a couple of clicks to purchase them.

Here is how to buy an NFT on Mintbase:

  • Connect your NEAR wallet to log in
  • Select your preferred NFT from the gallery
  • Click the “Buy with NEAR” button and approve the transaction
  • Get your NFT

Take Advantage of the Genesis Sale!

The long-awaited event is finally happening, and you don’t want to miss out. The official Mainnet launch is around the corner, and it will be worthwhile if you start by participating in the Genesis Sale and acquiring the CameraBox to unlock all NFT features when the day comes. Join the growing YouMinter community today and be part of the new social order as we make advances into the Web3 future. Follow these links to participate and learn more about the Genesis Sale.

BocaChica | Paras | Mintbase | YouMiner Twitter




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