The NFT Camera — Your Simple Tool in this Complicated NFT World

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Did you know that at least 1 out of 4 people don’t understand what an NFT is, let alone the process of creating one? YouMinter is here to change this trajectory and make NFT an all-in world, where anyone can join and create their collection in a few easy steps. And as a pioneering Web3 social platform with deep beliefs in decentralization, we welcome you to join YouMinter and co-own the platform in the Ownership Economy Program.

In this short blog, we are going to tell you how the NFT Camera makes the YouMinter platform stand out from the rest, and why it matters for new users. Keep reading to learn how this innovative tool is simplifying the already complicate NFT world.

What is an NFT Camera?

NFT Camera is the in-app tool on YouMinter that enables users to create various NFT posts, such as images, avatars, videos, or GIFs. The tool is available to all users who download the app from Google Play or App Store and launch it on their smartphones.

In addition to that, every users get a non-NFT Camera while registering, so they can create non-NFT posts right from the start. This is an instrumental for new users who want to build their profile and increase their opportunity of earning more rewards in the future.

Moreover, non-NFT Cameras can later be upgraded to NFT Cameras for creating unique NFT posts within the app and increasing your benefits on YouMinter platform.

Genesis NFT CameraBoxes & Cameras

We have already talked about Genesis Sale in previous articles, but briefly recall what opportunities Genesis Sale opens for users.

On Genesis Sale, you can buy CameraBox. This is an unusual NFT, but an NFT that you can open in the app and find the NFT camera inside. The NFT Cameras that are in CameraBox are very different from the NFT Cameras that will be available in the app. These are Genesis NFT Cameras and they are special in many ways.

The advantages of Genesis Cameras are hidden in them and lie in the limited supply of these NFT Cameras, the special marking, and the opportunity to purchase them only now at Genesis Sale. They will never lose their uniqueness, and this limited access and unique approach will only increase their rarity and, accordingly, their value on the secondary market.

However, this is not the main idea. The idea is to give our early adopters a unique tool inside the app. When opening CameraBox the user can get Common or Uncommon Genesis NFT Camera. There is a chance to get an Uncommon Genesis NFT Camera, which equals 5%.

What Genesis NFT Camera gives:

  • All NFT features — creating NFT posts, converting non-NFT posts to NFT, sending and receiving NFT are available for Genesis NFT Camera holders;
  • Higher level of rarity — Genesis Cameras can be obtained only from the CameraBox, and after opening it you will find there a Genesis NFT Camera of a certain level of rarity — Common or Uncommon, which affects the features and cost of the NFT Camera;
  • Benefits in Earning System — holders of Genesis NFT Cameras will have more benefits in terms of Earning System immediately after its launch;
  • Benefits in Ranking System — holders of Genesis NFT Cameras will also have more points when it comes to Ranking system. Will let know the conditions immediately after its launch.

You will be able to test the features of this Camera in the app and get better and more valuable NFTs as a result.

The Typical NFT Creation Process on Other Platforms

Getting started with NFTs has never been easier before the birth of YouMinter. Some online sources indicate that minting a regular NFT can cost users up to an average of $500 in gas fees in traditional platforms. In some cases, it can cost an upward of $100 to purchase entry NFTs into ecosystems that allow users to participate in various activities, such as gaming and mint NFTs in the process.

While these costs may not be an issue to fan-driven NFT enthusiasts, the problem arises when the underlying collectible doesn’t offer all-in utilities. In other words, you might end up buying something at a high cost, only to store it in your wallet without meaningful utility.

Creating NFTs on the YouMinter App

At YouMinter, we take a seamless NFT creation process to ensure that everyone interested can come aboard, regardless of their economic or regional background. All you need to do is sign up, open an NFT CameraBox, find there your Genesis NFT Camera, and you’re good to start creating NFT posts on our platform.

Moreover, YouMinter is built on the NEAR protocol, a blockchain solution that facilitates stable and predictable gas fees.

NFT Features in the YouMinter

Our app comes with a host of NFT-centric features that users can unlock once the platform goes mainstream. They include:

NFT Posts

With your NFT Camera, you can create NFTs on the go within the platform and share them with other users. Other users can discover these posts in the feed section and will most likely follow your account if the content is unique.

Sending NFTs

Create and gift NFTs to friends and family by sending the same directly into their wallets. However, this future is presently accessible to Android users and will be made available to iOS users in the near future.

Non-NFT Posts Conversion into NFTs

Minted or acquired NFT Cameras can be used to upgrade non-NFT posts to NFTs. Users can then choose how they want to monetize the upgraded NFTs. It’s worth noting that you can also upgrade non-NFT Cameras to NFT Cameras.

Saving NFTs

Users can save unique NFT collections within the app for later browsing or purchase. Create a small gallery within the app which you can always draw inspiration from when creating your content.

Stay Updated on the Genesis Sale

The Genesis Sale is coming together with the official launch on Mainnet, presenting an opportunity for users to acquire CameraBoxes. Rarer Genesis NFT Cameras — Common or Uncommon — found in the CameraBox will be available only during this Sale. It’s worth noting that rare NFT Cameras are only available in CameraBoxes. Don’t miss out.

In the meantime, follow our socials to stay updated on upcoming events.

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