The Genesis Sale: Your Key to Open the YouMinter NFT Space

4 min readJan 11, 2023

As the official launch of YouMinter is drawing near, we have lined up a series of events to complement the release and give users an awesome NFT experience. Our goal is to become the number one, most preferred Web3 social app that creates a uniform experience for all levels of users through all-in events, such as the Genesis Sale.

But what is the Genesis Sale all about? Which opportunities does this event present, and why shouldn’t you miss out? Here is a quick guide about everything you need to know about the Genesis Sale. Keep reading to stay updated.

What is the Genesis Sale?

Genesis Sale is an upcoming event from YouMinter that will allow users to unlock all the NFT features of the YouMinter app and be the first to get the NFT CameraBox. What is hidden in it? You will have the opportunity to find there an NFT Camera with a higher level of rarity for unique content creation within the app. To put it into better perspective, it’s worth noting that there are two types of NFT Cameras in YouMinter: Common NFT Cameras and Uncommon NFT Cameras.

Participating in the sale allows you to buy a Genesis NFT CameraBox and unlock either Common Genesis NFT Cameras or Uncommon Genesis NFT Cameras inside the app. You do not know which NFT Camera you will get before unpacking. That’s not the whole intrigue. Uncommon Genesis NFT Cameras, which are rare just as the name puts it, are only available via Genesis CameraBox, which will be offered during the Genesis Sale.

Genesis is valuable to all YouMinter users because it is the key to unlocking a fun-filled NFT experience within the app. And their rarity defines the value of the Cameras now and even in the future for users who may want to sell their tools on secondary markets.

Genesis Sale Features

During the sale, users will be able to acquire Genesis NFT CameraBoxes. Acquiring Genesis NFT CameraBoxes will give you an opportunity to unlock NFT Cameras that allow you to create NFT posts, convert non-NFT posts to NFT, and get more benefits inside the app. Genesis NFT CameraBoxes are only available on the Genesis sale, so it will help if you make an effort to participate, especially if you are going to have a unique NFT experience. In CameraBox you can find:

Uncommon Genesis NFT Camera

Uncommon Cameras will be available only in the CameraBoxes. As the name suggests, uncommon cameras are rare tools, making them ideal for heavy users, such as content creators. The attributes of these cameras have already been upgraded and will definitely create higher-quality NFT posts, or fetch better rates at secondary marketplaces.

Common Genesis NFT Camera

Common Cameras will be available in the CameraBoxes, and in the app after Mainnet launching. This includes standard NFT Cameras attributes that can be upgraded to make them more valuable. However, you can still use the Common NFT Camera as it is to create NFT posts and share them with the community.

Other Events to Be Announced

The Genesis Sale is an event that we are looking forward to and which begins our journey on Mainnet. It will feature all the necessary items that users need to unlock the NFT potential of YouMinter. Following the Sale, the launch of the app will be waiting for you. To know when it will be and not to miss it, subscribe to our blog to see regular updates.

Stay Tuned, Don’t Miss Out!

The Genesis Sale will be an exciting opportunity to finally reveal the in-app tools that will redefine NFT experiences across the industry, regardless of a user’s financial, regional, or cultural background. As has always been the case, we anticipate your support and participation during the event. Tell your friends that the biggest NFT sale is about to happen. Keep it on our Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram handles to be the first ones to know about the date.




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