Ownership Economy on The YouMinter App: Process and Why It’s Beneficial

3 min readSep 12, 2023

A journey that started as a simple goal of making the NFT world accessible to all levels of users has now culminated in one of the most robust, user-centric Web3 social apps in the industry. YouMinter app is a plug-and-play NFT platform that allows you to experience a new world of digital collectibles from the comfort of your Android or iOS smartphone device. You can download the app on Google Play or App Store.

On top of this seamless experience, we have embarked on a revolutionary approach that empowers users to co-own the YouMinter platform and be a part of the history we intend to write in the coming years. Briefly, being part of the YouMinter platform gives a user a stake in ownership, which also varies, depending on the underlying account’s grade or tier level. Learn more about YouMinter Ownership Economy program in this short guide.

How to Participate in the Ownership Economy Program

Anyone is eligible to participate in the Ownership Economy Program, provided they sign up to become a user on the YouMinter platform. The Ownership Economy features a predetermined pool size of 25,000,000 UMINT tokens, which represents 50% of the maximum possible supply. These tokens will be redistributed to all users in the program, giving them the incentive to co-own the YouMinter platform.

You can increase the chances of earning more UMINT tokens under this program by:

  • Using uncommon NFT cameras to create content
  • Posting NFT content regularly
  • Build a community of followers within the app
  • Participating in other programs, such as staking
  • Becoming an ambassador of the YouMinter application

Staking, Grading, and Vesting Principles

The distribution or vesting of UMINT tokens in the Ownership Economy Program will be done monthly at an increasing linear rate. During this period, users are encouraged to promote their profiles and NFT posts in a bid to earn community votes, which will be instrumental in grading their accounts into various tier levels.

It’s worth mentioning that a user’s grade or tier level is directly proportional to the level of engagement and activity in the underlying account. Nonetheless, the key index for determining a user’s grade is the number of followers that the underlying profile attracts.

Why Should You Join?

We encourage users to join the Ownership Economy Program as early as now to increase their chances of earning more profits and a bigger share of the pool. Early adopters will also have a rare opportunity to unlock a special rewards rate both in the grading and staking systems. This also translates to unlocking other privileges in the bigger ownership economy program.

The NFT journey and experience have never been made easier. With our platform, you sign up and mint your first collection in easy steps. Even better, YouMinter is built on the NEAR protocol, a blockchain solution that features advanced security features as well as negligible transaction fees to enable you to create and sell NFTs on the go, even with limited resources.

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