One Step Closer to the Mainnet. In-App Wallet Update.

3 min readAug 4, 2022


Have you been keeping tabs on the YouMinter app? Our goal has always been to stay ahead of the industry by rethinking the NFT experience from a user perspective. That’s why we endeavor to build a world-class social media platform that will onboard the next millions of users to the Web3 world, regardless of expertise level.

YouMinter incentivizes users for just being part of one of the fastest-growing Web3 social networks. As an everyday user, you just need to plug in, enjoy the app, and get rewarded with UMINT tokens for your in-app activity.

In the same spirit of making NFT experiences seamless for everyone, we are delighted to share more details about updated YouMinter’s in-app wallet. There is a Spending account (we call it “Toolbox”) and Main Wallet (this one we named simply — “Wallet”).

Follow the text to learn more. 😉


The Wallet in the YouMinter platform is your NEAR wallet. This is a web-based Web3 wallet that will enable YouMinter app users to:

  • Send and receive UMINT and NEAR tokens from other wallets outside the YouMinter platform;
  • Send UMINT & NEAR tokens and NFTs to other external wallets;
  • Transfer NEAR and UMINT tokens, as well as NFTs from the in-app Toolbox (that’s what we call Spending Account);
  • Swap UMINT tokens to NEAR and vice versa (this option will be coming soon).

Toolbox (Spending Account)

Toolbox is designed to enhance user experience and power nearly all daily activities within the YouMinter app. Users can leverage the spending app to store their UMINT & NEAR tokens and NFTs. The app will also be used for storing daily rewards that emanate from activity incentives.

What Can You Hold in Your Toolbox?

YouMinter app users can hold and see the balance of various digital assets on their spending wallets, including:

  • UMINT tokens;
  • NFT Cameras.

Seamless Experience

Both the Wallet and Toolbox are easy to use, and you don’t need any deep background in blockchain technology or cryptocurrencies to find your way around.

Even better, YouMinter’s concept allows users to monetize their experiences & creativity within the app. Stay tuned to this blog and Twitter for more upcoming updates! In the meantime, feel free to engage us in Telegram if you have any questions about the YouMinter app.




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