Non-NFT Features in the YouMinter NFT Social App

4 min readFeb 7, 2023

Hello community, have you been yearning for the official launch of YouMinter on Mainnet? We’ve done it and a unique NFT experience built on transparency and true platform co-ownership is available. For starters, YouMinter positions itself as the next Web3 social app that will onboard millions of people into NFTs and revolutionize the creator economy by introducing better monetization ways.

Today, we have some good about non-NFT features in the YouMinter platform and what they mean to end users. Keep reading to learn more about a typical user flow within the app when signing up, in-app tools, as well as opportunities that they present.

YouMinter User Flow

The main goal of YouMinter is to narrow the learning gap between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. The idea is that any user can plug and play the app using a familiar experience borrowed from the traditional Web 2.0 social media platforms.

Even better, we have made this possible through the comfort of Android and iOS mobile devices. It is our vision that we shall one day reach the majority of the 7.26 billion users who have smart and feature phones.

For new users, here is what happens when you decide to join YouMinter:

  • Download the app from App Store or Google Play and install it on your phone;
  • NEAR wallet integration — we’ll create the Near wallet for new Android or iOS users during the sign-up process. Users who already have NEAR wallets can integrate them at this stage;
  • Launch the app and discover new profiles — the app will redirect you to prolific user accounts, which you can follow to get started (some will follow back);
  • Make your first non-NFT post and share it with the community.

Your First In-App Tool — Non-NFT Camera

Our design and roadmap strategies indicate that YouMinter will include a host of intuitive features, a majority of which will be integrated and iterated upon as the app grows. Nonetheless, all users will have access to different features:

Non-NFT Camera

After signing up, all users will access the in-app tool — non-NFT Camera — by default. This tool is made available to all users because it is what you need to create your first non-NFT posts, which can later be upgraded to NFTs and monetized accordingly.

NFT Camera or CameraBox

In later stages, users can upgrade their non-NFT Camera into an NFT Camera, or purchase a unique CameraBox altogether from a secondary marketplace or at an auction. These tools will be owned and stored inside the wallet, where they can be launched to create NFT posts.

Endless Opportunities with Non-NFT Cameras

You can leverage various opportunities to grow your profile with non-NFT Сameras as you await the Genesis Sale to acquire rarer in-app tools. Practically speaking, all YouMinter users can use non-NFT Cameras to:

Create Non-NFT Posts

Non-NFT post creation is probably one of the most useful features of the YouMinter app. Typically, you can create non-NFT posts and share them with the rest of the users to build a community of followers, while leveling up your profile. The higher the level you get, the higher the rewards coefficient you’ll enjoy in the future. And if you see that your non-NFT post is popular, you can convert it into an NFT once you get the NFT Camera.

View the Feed Section

The NFT feed section on the YouMinter app is accessible to all users, where they can discover the latest, trending NFT or non-NFT posts from other users. This gives you an opportunity to marvel at the beauty of the NFT world while gathering information about rare collections.

Save&Receive NFT Posts By Other Users

Do you love to save items and browse them later when exploring the internet? Well, you can do the same on YouMinter by saving both NFT and non-NFT posts from your favorite artists. You can later share these posts with other users or save them in a collection after receiving them from the owners.

What’s Next?

We have lined up a series of YouMinter updates for you. Read also our article about NFT opportunities in the app. And stay in touch to be the first to know about all technical updates and new features. Follow our social media handles on Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram to contribute or stay updated on the latest happenings.

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