Monthly Review of YouMinter’s Events at the Beginning of 2023 Q1

5 min readFeb 3, 2023

YouMinter is the first Web3 social app that invites users to create unique NFT content, own it, monetize, and co-own the platform in the Ownership Economy Program. With a user-friendly interface, the app is accessible via iOS or Android-based devices, opening the NFT world to the next millions of users.

After a relatively awful 2022 period filled with uncertainty, NFTs are clawing back to mainstream attention, with some coins gaining as much as 70% in January alone. At YouMinter, it was a big month for us as we kicked off the year with a series of events that will mark the beginning of a limitless NFT journey going forward. Let’s do a recap of what happened.

What Happened in January?

As noted. 2023 Q1 is an important calendar event for the YouMinter community. The journey has been long and rough, but we can finally see the hard work and patience paying off. If you’re new to the community, here is how it went down.

Partner Synergy

Web3 is a journey, and it takes a collaborative effort to get there. We are pleased to announce that in January we started active cooperation with several promising and ambitious projects in the Neare network. Our partners are Paras, Octopus Network, Coreto, Loozr, Bearverse, HOOH, ZomLand, Nearlend DAO, and this is just the beginning. We have already talked in more detail about the values that unite us or will continue to do so in our joint Twitter Space and AMA sessions.

During our joint Twitter spaces, we discussed topical issues of the NFT market, such as ownership transparency, reputation and governance of DAOs, everyone’s plans for the future, and current project news. We will definitely continue to build warm partnerships with our existing partners and expand this circle with new interesting projects.

Soon you will find out what updates these partnerships will bring to the ecosystem and YouMinter in particular. Because we are just at the start, there is still a lot to come.

Giveaway: One Step Closer to the Genesis Sale

Some time ago, we announced Genesis Sale and Mainnet Launch. At the time, we did not know that we would face severe, and in our opinion, not entirely fair, restrictions from the App Store on NFT. But we did not give up. And neither should you.

The main value of YouMinter is the community. That’s why we decided to reward our followers, token holders, Testnet users, and future Mainnet users for waiting for the Mainnet Launch and staying with us all this time.

And in January, we held our first such large-scale Giveaway. We are grateful to everyone who participated. However, not everyone received prizes, only 50 randomly selected winners were among the first to receive CameraBoxes.

This is definitely not our last large-scale event. So stay tuned, there are many more interesting things to come. Follow our Twitter page to stay updated on the upcoming giveaways and learn how you can participate.

Genesis Sale: One Step Closer to Public Beta Release

It was an interesting adventure. It would not have happened without you, our community, and our partners: Boca, Paras, and the Ministry of Finance. It was on these sites that the first Cameraboxes were sold. The price ranged from 2 to 25 NIS. And we remind you that this is just the beginning and only 12 days of Sale.

The Genesis Sale was the month’s biggest event as it held the key to unlocking all the NFT features on the YouMinter platform. Users who participated had a rare chance to acquire the unique Genesis CameraBox, which features Common or Uncommon NFT Cameras. Cameras in this collection are a limited edition, and their intrinsic value will continue to appreciate in primary and secondary marketplaces. You can read about the advantages of Genesis NFT Cameras in this article as well.

Moreover, these cameras can only be acquired in the just concluded Genesis Sale events. Nevertheless, we plan to hold more such events, but in a community-only format, where other rare built-in tools will be presented in the future. Keep it locked here so that you don’t miss out.

App Launch: Public Beta Release is Live

It happened.

The long-awaited app launch on Mainnet finally happened on 31th January. This is a big milestone for the whole YouMinter community, given the many challenges we faced, forcing us to work on a tentative schedule. Getting around Apple’s Web3 application guidelines was, for instance, a nightmare, but we are glad that our iOS users can finally mint their passion as well.

With the app live on Mainnet, you open next features::

Integrated NEAR wallet: We create the NEAR wallet for you as you get started with YouMinter at the sign-up stage, saving you the hassle of going through the learning curve. Or you can integrate your existing Near Wallet and use it in the app.

In-app community building: Make unique posts and attract other users to your timeline. If they like, share, and comment often, they will eventually follow you, enabling your profile to build an organic Web3 community.

Easy NFT Minting: The process of minting and creating NFTs in the app is simple and akin to making posts on your traditional social media platform. Just be unique and creative, and your minted NFTs will attract fans.

Feed & NFT history: You can discover new NFT collections in the feed area and leverage the NFT history tool to understand how the piece came into existence, its previous owners, as well as acquisition prices.

Multiple reward opportunities: The YouMinter app will be having various incentive programs to make the NFT experience worthwhile for you, including the Reward System based on Ownership Economy principles, staking, and referral programs.

Download the YouMinter App Today

YouMinter empowers you to begin the NFT journey and mint your passion from the comfort of a smartphone! January is just the beginning of a fun-filled 2023 Q1 set to redefine NFT experiences within the YouMinter platform and beyond. In the meantime, visit Google Play or App Store to download the app today and join the bigger YouMinter community in building the Web3 future.




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