Instructions on Claiming UMINT Tokens for the Whitelist Winners

Greetings community!

YouMinter TGE will be launched on 23rd of March, 2022 at 15:00 UTC. So, we are happy to share instructions on claiming UMINT tokens for the Whitelist winners! 🎉

As you may remember, there will be 100 winners according to the Whitelist rules. Each of these winners will get UMINT tokens at a price of $1.5 (one dollar and 50 cents) per 1 UMINT token equivalent to $100 (that will be 66,6666 UMINT tokens per winner). Moreover, each participant who takes their allocation will receive 100% unlock tokens right after TGE.

So, our team has prepared convenient and straightforward instructions for the winners of YouMinter Whitelist.

Feel free to follow the steps in the guide below to claim your tokens:

  1. First of all here is the list of the YouMinter Whitelist winners: ;
  2. If you found yourself on the list, feel free to contact our growth manager in Telegram through DM by @alex_youminter nickname;
  3. At this moment, you should be ready to pay the allocation of 66.66 UMINT tokens, which equals to $100 equivalent;
  4. Once you’ve contacted our representative — we will send you a wallet address in the TRON network, to which you should deposit 100 USDT (using the TRC20 network, since it is the TRON network);
  5. After you’ve paid the allocation, please, feel free to send the transaction ID or the link to this transaction to @alex_youminter through DM in Telegram;
  6. Once we receive the payment, we will send you your UMINT tokens in response.

Our sincere congratulations to the winners of the official YouMinter Whitelist, and thank you all who have participated & were waiting for the TGE through all this time!

P.S. Feel free to stay in touch and join us on Telegram, Twitter, and Instagram!




A social network in easy-to-use iOS and Android app that opens up the world of NFT to everyone and which is owned by its users. #passioneconomy #NFT

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A social network in easy-to-use iOS and Android app that opens up the world of NFT to everyone and which is owned by its users. #passioneconomy #NFT

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