Huge Update on YouMinter’s Roadmap

The first two quarters were pretty active for us. We’ve finalized all the required functionality we wanted to share with you, our community.

For those who missed our previous article, YouMinter app is now available in the App Store for iOS or Google Play Market for Android. Go ahead and download our app to start minting your passion and exploring Web3.0 space today.

However, while developing the YouMinter app we’ve understood that we want to give our users something more valuable than the trading function. And this is how the Post2Earn idea was born. In our previous article, we’ve made an update with all the details regarding the Post2Earn concept that you’ll see really soon as a part of the YouMinter app.

A new concept means lots of work. However, we are not scared. In fact, YouMinter team is inspired by it and can’t wait to deliver an updated app to you!

While our team is working day & night on a new concept and all the cool features, let us share an updated roadmap that will give you an idea of what is coming (spoiler alert: Post2Earn concept and further updates are going to be huuuge!).

Fast forward to the 3rd quarter of 2022, we plan to adopt a new concept that will enhance user experience and persuade people to join the Web3 world. Some of the upgrades that you’ll see during this period include:

Post2Earn Concept

The Web3 world creates an opportunity for designers, artists, and everyday Internet users to earn passively from their online work. We plan to introduce a Post2Earn (P2E) concept that will incentivize users for being active on the YouMinter app.

UNIT Test and Formulas

We want every YouMinter user to participate in building and upgrading the platform, and this also compliments our vision of forging a community-centric and owned project. For this reason, we shall be performing a UNIT test and formulas collaboration to create a clear and transparent logic for our users.

Closed Beta Testing

There will be an open beta test that will involve a small scale of users in the future. However, before that, we shall perform a closed beta test (CBT) of the YouMinter app with a select group of end-users. This might include early adopters and current users of the platform.

In-App Marketplaces

We aspire to create a sustainable ecosystem of endless opportunities. The in-app marketplace will allow YouMinter users to purchase and sell NFTs from each other on the go. Even better, the in-app marketplace will feature camera accessories, such as lens and filters, to improve camera efficiency.

A One-Week Exhibition System

Web3 artists should get maximum exposure to create more awareness around their NFT creations. We shall be launching an exhibition event that will run for one week, from time to time. However, this opportunity is for top creators on the YouMinter platform. You can be a top creator by enhancing activity around your profile in various ways, such as posting quality content that will attract unique likes, comments and followers. Users who qualify as top creators will get a notification, inviting them to participate in the exhibition if they register at least 24 hours prior to the event.

Participants of the exhibition system will post their NFTs every day, throughout the event’s period. The YouMinter community will select the winners through a vote or likes. That means the higher the number of likes or votes an NFT gets, the higher the likelihood of the underlying user to emerge the winner.

We can’t wait to share a new concept with you and let you take advantage of Post2Earn mechanism that is suitable for every person. There will be more updates in the nearest future, so please, stay tuned to our Medium Blog, Telegram channels, and news on our Twitter and Instagram profile 🙌❤️




A social network in easy-to-use iOS and Android app that opens up the world of NFT to everyone and which is owned by its users. #passioneconomy #NFT

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A social network in easy-to-use iOS and Android app that opens up the world of NFT to everyone and which is owned by its users. #passioneconomy #NFT

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