Everything You Need to Know About YouMinter Web3 Social App

3 min readApr 11, 2023


Are you currently creating content on Web 2.0 platforms and would love to hop onto Web3? Or, are you already exploring the Web3 landscape and looking for a seamless, intuitive platform that focuses on users and the underlying community? YouMinter offers the best Web3 interface with boundless opportunities for all levels of users, whether new or experienced. Here is everything you need to know about YouMinter, including the platform’s core values, aims, and features. Keep reading to learn more.

Our Core Values: Simplified NFT Experience and Communal Ownership

As an intuitive and user-centric Web3 social app, YouMinter positions itself as a go-to platform for all users who want a seamless NFT experience. Even better, all YouMinter users are welcome to co-own the platform and have a stake. Co-owning the platform means automatic membership to our future DAO, which will be the main, decentralized governance body for the larger YouMinter community.

For new users, YouMinter is here to teach you the basics of Web3 and the decentralized internet. We also invite experienced Web3 users, especially those in the creator economy, to finally build a social media community and gain access to better monetization opportunities. YouMinter is a user-based platform, co-owned by you as a member — we make you feel appreciated and well-incentivized as an active member.

YouMinter’s Uniqueness: 4 Features You Shouldn’t Miss

Various NFT projects claim to offer the best user experience, alongside a host of other “potential” use cases in the virtual world. While we are optimistic about future innovations around Web3 and the Metaverse concepts, YouMinter focuses on the current NFT landscape and aims to make it better for all users. Here are some of the features that users unlock once they decide to join YouMinter:

Smartphone Compatibility for Easier Access

You don’t need to purchase an expensive collectible to get started with the YouMinter NFT platform and community. All you need is an Android or iOS smartphone, and you are good to download the app. With this approach, we make our project accessible to anyone who wants to onboard the NFT world, whether an avid creator or a regular fan who wants to follow other artists and celebrities.

Ownership Economy and Staking Programs for Rewards

Every YouMinter member can participate in the Ownership economy program to earn more UMINT tokens. 50% of the possible maximum supply of these tokens will be redistributed to users under the ownership economy program. The number of tokens that every user will get depends on their grade/tier level, which is largely influenced by account activity.

Like, Comment, and Share Features for Community Interaction

As YouMinter embarks on a journey to build the largest and most vibrant Web3 social community, we are empowering creators to build their community of followers within the app. This is made possible by the platform’s intuitive like, comment, and share features that spur engagement and influence other users to follow active accounts. The more users engage under your post, the higher the chances of garnering a huge following. Moreover, this also translates to better rewards and content monetization opportunities.

Several NFT Options

YouMinter users can access two types of NFTs, depending on what thrills and fascinate their followers. These include NFT CameraBoxes & NFT Cameras, as well as user-generated content that extends to texts, images, or GIFs shared within the platform. The best thing is that the creation process for all NFT types is seamless, powered by in-app tools that users can unlock once they sign up. No coding or extensive blockchain technology is required to get started.

For instance, users can mint a unique NFT camera once they sign up and later upgrade it with different attributes to make it a rarer NFT. An upgraded NFT camera also means users can create better, engaging content, and attain a higher reward coefficient. Alternatively, users can also acquire an already upgraded NFT camera in a secondary marketplace.

YouMinter is Here to Offer a Seamless Bridge Between Web 2.0 to Web3

YouMinter brings a seamless bridge between Web 2.0 and Web3 for new users, as well as those who are already accustomed to the decentralized internet paradigm. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram to stay updated on upcoming news and feature upgrades about YouMinter.




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