5 incredible features of the YouMinter

3 min readNov 16, 2021


Hi, community! Now we are building a project that will be at once useful for collectors, NFT enthusiasts, artists, and their devoted fans. The values we share are the Passion Economy and the Concept of 100 Fans. In this short post, we’d like to describe a few valuable features and chips of YouMinter.

First of all, YouMinter is a balanced tool that unites creativity and its connoisseurs.

  • Artists can create communities and promote their masterpieces.
  • Fans can customize their feed and follow their favorite artists.
  • Collectors can create and manage their collections.

And here are a few highlights of the project that we want to share now.

#01 You don’t need to dabble in cryptocurrency

The peculiarity of the project is that it is suitable for those who are still new to the crypto-industry. You don’t need cryptocurrency to start, Google Pay or Apple Pay is enough.

#02 NFTs are created and minted as easily as possible

We have developed the simplest possible algorithm, for which you don’t need any other services except the YouMinter app. Create your NFTs in just a couple of minutes.

Also, you don’t need a wallet in Ethereum for minting, just a click in Apple Pay or Google Pay.

#03 Set a price and promote your creativity in the marketplace

No third-party services: you can set a price for your work, arrange an online exhibition, and boost your creativity in our marketplace. We’re currently working on boosters such as daily and weekly top-lists, email newsletters, team choice, etc. People without cryptocurrency in their hands will be able to buy your works.

Your fans. Your friends. Even your grandmother.

#04 Collections for connoisseurs

If you are an admirer of creativity, you can make your own compilations and organize your NFT collections. Create your personal galleries and unite them by a single concept.

#05 You are not bound by one blockchain

You as an artist or a connoisseur of creativity will be able to assemble NFTs in any blockchain and bridge them from one chain to another. This makes you 100% free to choose and create the NFTs you really like. No restrictions. Just creativity.

We are not revealing all the cards yet, but this app will really change the modern NFT-market, and make crypto creation available to every artist, his loyal fans, and connoisseurs. Anybody can handle this app, the main condition is to create contemporary art together with YouMinter!

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